frequency distribution

How Do You Find The Frequency Distribution Table?

A frequency distribution table is a way of organizing data in such a way that it becomes more relevant. A frequency distribution table is a graph that summarizes all of the information into two columns which are variables/categories and their frequency, respectively. There are two or three columns in it. Depending on the size of […]

Nursing jobs

Top things to remember for nursing jobs

The Nursing jobs comes with a never-ending list of responsibilities. While serving as a nurse, you are not only taking care of patients or working under the supervision of a doctor but also have the responsibility to provide the right medication, mental support, and guidance to the patients. Therefore, it is essential for you to […]

Anniversary Cake

Thoughtful Ideas to Festoon Your Marriage Anniversary Cake

Anniversaries are truly unique and you must commemorate this special day with immense love and admiration. It allows you to convey your fondness and affection towards your spouse. You can allow them to realise how much they mean to you and put a step to make them feel unique. Wedding Anniversary Cake are incredible occasions […]

Web Development

Why Web Development Is Important Now a Day?

Web development is basically the work involved in creating a Web page for the Internet, typically used for marketing or advertising. Generally, web development involves creating a website using programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Additionally, web development can also involve creating a website from scratch or importing existing code into a website.  Web […]

classical dance

The relation between anklets and Indian classical dance

An anklet, also known as Ghungroo, Salangai, or Tinklebells is a musical accessory that Indian classical dancers tie to their feet. A pair of anklets will sound different depending on the size and metallic composition. An anklet is used to highlight the rhythmic aspects of the dance. A novice may wear a 50-bells anklet. Whereas, […]