No one knows what happens tomorrow…

When Brooke Adams suffers the unimaginable, she knows her heart will never be whole again. Faced with the choice of giving in to her grief, or fighting to regain a resemblance to the life she once knew, she chooses to fight.

Not ready to give up, Brooke starts a new life where no one knows her past. As she slowly puts the pieces of her life back together, Brooke meets her neighbor, Tyler Reynolds. Soon, he becomes her friend, her rock…

and her complicated constant.

Despite her best efforts, she finds herself falling for him, but what will happen if Tyler learns the truth about her past and realizes just how deep the damage is?

The risk might be too much…





5 Stars
What Happens Tomorrow is a tender love story about starting over and finding hope with new beginnings. What I loved about this story is that it took on a subject we don’t always read about. It captured the emotion and heartache of what loss feels like. I felt rapt up in the story of Brooke and Tyler- you root for them and want them to find happiness.
The story is well written and the character development is spot on. I enjoyed taking the journey with Brooke. I felt the emotions she was going through and connected with her. Tyler is your hot, passionate, caring and loving book boyfriend- the kind you what to cuddle and be naughty with.
This Bitch recommends this book. It is a great read and makes you feel good.

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