I’ve always believed in what I can see, what I can hear and what I can touch. Surfing was my religion and destiny was just a fairy-tale. But one summer, over ten days during the hottest February on record, all that changed. I found hope – the kind of hope that sustains you, even when you don’t want to be sustained.

The night Emily disappeared, I was branded. She became the girl on the ‘missing’ posters, and I became the one trying to keep everyone from falling apart. I thought that somehow it would keep me from being devoured by the emptiness inside me. Five years later, I was beginning to appreciate how deluded I really was.

Then Maia showed up. New in town, with a past as mysterious as she was, she reminded me so much of Emily that I couldn’t stand to be anywhere near her. What I didn’t realise was that there were forces at play that neither of us could possibly understand.

It takes a determined soul to alter destiny. There is a loophole, a back door, and the events that unfolded during those ten days showed me how that loophole can change everything.

Do you believe in fate? If so, let me tell you my story. If not, what happened to me might change your mind.




*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*

4.5 “I’m not going anywhere” Stars!

To start, I am going to say that I did what I usually don’t do. I actually read a few reviews before starting this story. I know!!! I never read reviews….even though I write them. LOL!! And thank goodness those reviews didn’t ruin the story for me. Although, this story was nothing like I expected. I expected crying….I expected anxiety…and I expected happiness. But, I always expect happiness at the end of a story, right?!? Don’t you?!? And don’t get me wrong, there is happiness, just not how I expected.

“You can’t spend the rest of your life in limbo, dude. You need to let her go.”

So, do I have you intrigued?!? I hope so, this is a very good read. Heath and Emily’s story is one of a kind. Or at least not something I have read recently. As I said before, I was expecting to have to break out the tissues for this one, but I didn’t. Not even a hint of a tear. Is there something wrong with me?? Because the love between these two is true love and I felt like a weirdo for not getting all emotional over them and all the other awesome characters. I enjoyed every single character in this story!! And the kicker for me, is this story is mostly told from the male POV!! Oh, how I love the male POV of any book!! But to be in Heath’s head was a plus plus. Heath is an old soul with a great heart, and that made this story even more special for me 🙂

“You need to live your best life now, before it’s too late. You don’t get a second chance at this.”

This is not my first book by this author and I appreciated her writing just as much this time as I did the first. The story flows smoothly and with how smooth it flowed, it made me feel like it ended before I was ready. To tell you the truth, I had to go back and read the ending a second time. I honestly had a WTF just happened moment!! I think I was too caught up in the story to understand every detail. Or maybe I was tired 😉 But I read it again to make sure I truly understood it, and didn’t miss anything.

“I was a black hole, a star frozen at the point of collapse. I couldn’t go back, yet I couldn’t seem to move on, either.”

Sometimes stories and their characters just grab me and hang on to me, and this one did. I want to know so much more about all the characters of this story, and I have thought about how to write this review for the last 24 hours. Sometimes I feel like my reviews don’t always do the stories justice, but at least you all can see that I was surprised by and also enjoyed this story enough to recommend you all give it a go 🙂 Happy Reading!!





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