Things are well for Callie and Kayden. They’re still dealing with their past and the pain connected to it, but for the most part they’ve moved on. The biggest decision they have at the moment is what they want to do with their lives in the future.

Eventually, though, the past catches up with them and they’re left facing tough choices. But Callie and Kayden learn that as long as they have each other, they can make it through just about anything. And in the end, they discover what they really want out of life.



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~~ 4 “Happy Ever After” Stars ~~


“In the existence of our lives, there are many coincidences that bring people together, but there’s only one person that will own your heart forever.”…..Kayden


The Resolution of Callie and Kayden is the 6th book in this series, but truthfully it is the 3rd book for Callie and Kayden.  I am really glad that I read this book, it was the perfect ending for their story.  My heart was completely invested in this couple after reading the first book and then my connection continued to grow when I read book 2, watching everything these two characters had to overcome, I thought that this book was the best ending to their journey.


I loved how everything came full circle in this book.  We finally got to see Callie and Kayden become the characters and people they are meant to be.  This journey has been a difficult one for both Callie and Kayden, but I truly feel that Callie had really grown a lot in book 2 and that this book was more about Kayden and him leaving his demons in the past.  I loved watching Callie continuing to grow and being able to stand up for herself, but also the love and support she gives Kayden.  Her love was never ending and never wavered.  I felt Kayden grew the most in this book.  I was so glad to see him overcome his demons and finally let what happened between him and his parents go and that he was able to focus on a future with Callie and his brothers.


“You are my good, no matter what you want to believe.  I’m sitting here, happier than I’ve ever been, because of you.  You are my happiness.”….Callie


I have to be honest, I was kind of hoping to see Kayden’s parents redeemed in this book, but that was so far from happening, that I can honestly say that I am happy with how things turned out between Kayden and his parents.  He is so much better off without them.


I liked that we got to see Seth, Greyson, Luke, Violet and Harper in this book.  We actually got to learn just a little bit about Harper, that I am hoping she will be getting a book also.  I loved how this group of friends really stuck by each other and were loyal to a fault.  They all stuck by Callie and Kayden when they truly needed them.


I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of this series.  If you have read the other Callie and Kayden books, I truly believe you should read this one as well.  There wasn’t a lot of drama in this book, but it is the HEA we have all been waiting to see for them.






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