BOOK 1 of 3 Parts!

During the day I’m your average mother of three. The PTA President, football carpool mom, you name it – my kids are into it. By night I’m someone’s dirty little secret.

I never meant for my life to become what it is. Desperation is a tricky little bitch. My husband of thirteen years left us to fend for ourselves. Doors closed. Opportunities vanished. I saw no other choice.

I created an ad. I became the unbecoming. The job became my dirty little secret.

But that one ad changed my life. He changed me. He trapped me. Nothing will ever be the same again.

The Job Volume One is 22,079 words.


*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*

5 “Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” Stars!

This is the second book I have read in the last week that has surprised me. And I LOVE it!!! The Job was not what I expected. A mother by day and prostitute by night…I was a little uncertain about how I was going to feel about this story. So, the uncertainty is what made he have to read it!! I love a challenge 😉

“I live a double life. I am the overachieving single mother who fucks men for a living.”

The Job is Madeline’s story. She is recently separated from her loser of an ex-husband, and having a hard time finding a job. Until!!! Craig’s list can be a dangerous thing, people. And not just because there are dangerous people on there. A person can easily get sucked into selling, buying, or offering services on there. And that’s what happened to Madeline. Then the fun begins!! I laughed out loud at her, I was sad for her, and I totally wanted to help her.

“PTA by day, red light district by night.”

Another concern I had after reading the first few chapters, was the length of this story. Yep, it’s a series but I was concerned that I might not be able to connect with the characters in such a short first part. BUT…I was soooo wrong!!! The author did a fantastic job of getting her point across in a minimal amount of time. I still was able to feel the emotions and understood the situations, and for this I applaud the author 🙂

“You are different. You make me want you in a way I’ve never wanted any of those other women.”

I have a feeling this is going to be an action packed series, and I look forward to what’s to come for Madeline in the next part!





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