Ex-NFL player turned high school football coach Connor McKay is well loved by all…except by the sexy principal who wants to make changes to his athletic program. Intrigued by Meg Fulton’s beauty and intelligence, Connor doesn’t mind going head-to-head with her. When he and Meg are set up on a blind date, he’s finally able to open a crack in Meg’s high emotional wall and see the caring woman inside. What Connor doesn’t expect is that his buddy and ex-teammate is the one responsible for Meg’s wall in the first place. To choose between a one-time brother and the woman he’s fallen hopelessly in love with, Connor will make the riskiest play of his life.

Always the misfit growing up, newly hired high school principal Meg Fulton uses a fashionable wardrobe and a sharp tongue to keep men at a safe distance. After a drunken, abusive experience in the back of a Chevy as a naïve teen, she became a single mother with a tough hide…until Connor McKay walks into the picture. She can’t stand him. He’s a sports-loving alpha male––no thanks! Meg has a good reason to hate jocks. Been there, done that, much to her regret. But as her path continues to cross with Connor’s, and attraction heats to a boiling point, Meg learns there’s more to Connor than biceps and a tight rear end. Things are heating up with them, when someone from her past threatens to tear them apart. Meg runs for cover…and from Connor. It will take a leap of love for Meg to shed the scars of her past and let love into her life.



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4 “Connor McKay” stars

After finishing False Start, my first thoughts are Connor and Meg put the F in frustrating!! Even though I enjoyed their story, they still made me crazy!! Communication is a HUGE problem for them. At one point I was like, really?!?! Not again! But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy their story. I did and finished it very quickly. This was almost a one sitting book for me 🙂

“Shit. I never thought I’d see the day! Someone’s got Connor McKay by the balls.”

The synopsis gives you a great description of what this story is about, so I am not going to review that. Almost too well, in my opinion. There was no way of going into this one blind. But, it’s still an anxiety builder because you know that something is going to happen. I knew what would ultimately happen and I waited and waited for it to all go down. There is definitely more anxiety than romance here. It is a romance story but all the drama and communication issues sorta overtook the story. But that’s not a bad thing! Does that make sense?!? Probably not. I tend to ramble sometimes. Hehe 😉

“I don’t know if I’m terrified or turned on.”

False Start is a great story for those who love the complicated romances. They are together…no, they aren’t together. That kind of back and forth stuff goes on throughout the story. They both made some silly decisions and one time Connor did something that almost made me write him off as a book boyfriend 😉 And that ending…huge smiles on my face from that one 🙂

“For the first time in…ever, she felt safe with a man.”

This is a very well written story about learning to trust again and love again. Book Bitch approved and recommended!! Happy Reading 🙂




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