Graduating from nursing school and finding herself thrown into the real world, twenty-two year old Hallie Dawson is determined to prove herself on the job. A chance encounter on the first day has charming Ryan Andrews showing up everywhere she goes. With only a string of random hook-ups and one failed relationship in her past, Hallie isn’t used to being pursued. For the first time, two men desire her. Will she choose the right one – or does fate hold all the cards?

Between the Pain is a Contemporary Romance novella about finding love – and being brave enough to follow your heart. Will Hallie end up in the arms of her true love or are the moments in between her pain forming the real story.

Timing is everything.

A fraction of a second, one altered course, one note — change her life forever.






*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*

3.5 stars

I will be honest, because that’s what I do, and say that this one started off just ok for me. I was a little confused at first and a little shocked by how quickly Ryan and Hallie’s relationship takes off. But things did get better. I enjoyed the plot of this story, but in my opinion this story would be even better told in a novel, instead of novella form (but, of course, that’s just my opinion). I, personally, wanted SO MUCH more!!!

“Clearly I must be losing my mind considering I just met this guy and spoke all of three sentences to him, but the butterflies racing around in my stomach tell me this is exactly where I want to be.”

Hallie has graduated from nursing school and is starting her dream job. And this dream job comes with two other perks, in the form of Ryan and Shaun. Both guys seemed really great and it’s just a matter of who makes the first move to decide who she starts a relationship with. I went into this thinking love triangle, for some reason. But it was not what I thought and that surprised me (in many ways).

“Your heart is beautiful, but it won’t be broken forever. I won’t let it stay broken.”

This is a quick read and I truly did enjoy it. I read it in about 3 hours straight. I was hooked and had to know where things were going.  But, like I said above, I really would have liked so much more. I would have loved to know these characters on a deeper level. I sorta felt it was told like a soap opera…I felt that I was being pushed from scene to scene throughout the story. It would be moving to the next scene and I was still longing for more from the last one.

Now with all that being said, this is still a good story and I will be picking up the next book when it’s available, because I can’t let these characters go until I know they have a true HEA 🙂





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