The Fragile Line – Part One by Alicia Kobishop
Publication date: March 15th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance





Chloe McCarthy thought she had found the perfect guy. Someone just as detached as she was when it came to love and commitment. Someone who never pressured her for more than just sex. But when she gets a little too comfortable with their arrangement, and he rejects her for someone else, it triggers heartbreaking memories that leave her questioning her resolve for a commitment-free life. In a moment of self-pity, she calls on the one person who she knows will make her smile.

Matt Langston lives a drama-free life, and he wants to keep it that way. Chloe McCarthy? All drama. Which is why he needs to stay away from her. A mechanic by day and bouncer by night, he tries to focus on work, but the more he tries, the more she creeps into his thoughts and his dreams, until he realizes that he needs to get her out of his system once and for all.
The Fragile Line is a spin-off to The Fine Line, told in an addicting three-part romance novella series, with each part building on the last. The series may be read alone, however, reading The Fine Line first will provide a further introduction to the characters which may enhance the overall reading experience.




* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 4 Stars ~

This is the second book I have read by Alicia Kobishop, and I continue to enjoy her writing.

The Fragile Line : Part 1 is the first novella in a three part novella series that is a spin off of Alicia’s debut novel The Fine Line. It is not necessary to read The Fine Line first, but I think it might help with some of the backstory of Chloe. This book runs in parallel to The Fine Line, so there is some overlap in the storyline. Nothing that will make this book confusing or hard to follow.

Being that this is only book 1 of 3, you can guess that this book ended on a cliffhanger. I wouldn’t consider this one to bad. I almost felt it was more of a To Be Continued ending. Chloe and Matt ended in a good place, but you can tell there is more to their story to come and it leaves you wondering what decisions will be made!!! I don’t feel yu need to wait for book 2 to come out before reading this book.

I have to be honest and say I really didn’t remember Chloe from The Fine Line….just that she caused a lot of trouble in that book. Well this book really takes up where that book left off and not leaving Chloe in the best light. I know a lot of people won’t like her in this book either, but give her a chance…as the story goes on, you get to know her better and why she behaves the way she does. I have to say by the end of this book my heart went out to her and I wanted to give her a hug. As for Matt….he was amazing!!! I thought he was swoontastic. He is the the of friend/boyfriend every girl is looking for. I liked how he wanted to build a friendship first and foremost with Chloe. He wasn’t after her just for sex, like every other guy she has known. I thought the progression of their relationship went a great pace and I will be interested to see where the other two books take their relationship. Hopefully they get their HEA!!!

The only character that really takes a part in this story that is a repeat from The Fine Line is Logan. But it is such a small part, I have to be honest and say I really didn’t get the warm fuzzies from him in this book like I did in his book. I won’t be hurt if he doesn’t make any more appearances in the remaining two books. Matt has definitely stolen my heart 🙂

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the New Adult Genre. And likes a story that has likable characters and a storyline that has passion and will keep you intrigued all the way until the end.






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