The Sexy Series Reading Order
By :: Gigi Marie

With a Side of Sexy
With a Side of Sassy
With a Side of Spicy
With a Side of Saucy
With a Side of Steamy
With a Side of Bride



SYNOPSIS ::  (Book 1)

Working as a waitress in the sexiest restaurant in LA has its perks: hot bartenders, a steady flow of cash in your pockets, and a phenomenally exciting night life. But for someone like me, who takes pleasure in routine and order, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve always liked things uncomplicated and safe. Safe, that is, until Patrick Rivers bursts into my life, causing my world to spin off its axis. What I did not know was with one small act of chivalry, my life would forever change because of the one thing I feared most—letting myself feel.
This is an erotic novella with explicit sex scenes meant for mature audiences only. This is not a stand-alone book, but is meant to be read with the rest of the ‘Sexy Series.’



SYNOPSIS ::  (Book 2)

When Patrick left—which I admit was totally by my insistence—he took a piece of my heart with him. I thought I could get over him. I thought by indulging in the persistence of Zac, my ex-boyfriend, that I might just be able to be happy again. I started to remember what I had seen in that motorcycle riding bad-boy in the first place. But was it enough? Would I ever forget Patrick Rivers and be truly happy with Zac? Or was I destined to live a life of doubts and regrets for possibly making the biggest mistake of my life?
This is an erotic novella with explicit sex scenes meant for mature audiences only. This is not a stand-alone book, but is meant to be read with the rest of the ‘Sexy Series.’



SYNOPSIS :: (Book 3)

Yet again, Patrick Rivers found his way back into my life, literally kidnapping me and whisking me off to San Francisco. In Patrick I began to find myself, open myself up to the possibility of being more, and pursuing my secret passions in life—not to mention in the bedroom. But after an onslaught of rumors and deception, I got the sinking feeling that something just wasn’t right. I found myself in a situation that changed everything.
This is an erotic novella with explicit sex scenes meant for mature audiences only. This is not a stand-alone book, but is meant to be read with the rest of the ‘Sexy Series.’



SYNOPSIS :: (Book 4)

I watched the life I had imagined with Patrick slip through my fingers as the tabloids confirmed my suspicions and I did what I always do in sticky situations—I ran. I returned home to LA with only the clothes on my back and a tear-streaked face. I was a hot mess. And if that weren’t enough, would a tragic accident stir up past feelings and rekindle the flames of a former love?
This is an erotic novella with explicit sex scenes meant for mature audiences only. This is not a stand-alone book, but is meant to be read with the rest of the ‘Sexy Series.’



SYNOPSIS :: (Book 5)

How foolish could I be? Patrick had always told me to ignore the rumors and the gossip, as that was a surefire way to lose yourself. But I hadn’t listened. I had unknowingly put the pieces of the puzzle together, but not in the right way. I didn’t have the story straight. And now after knowing the truth, I had a decision to make.
This is an erotic novella with explicit sex scenes meant for mature audiences only. This is not a stand-alone book, but is meant to be read with the rest of the ‘Sexy Series.’



SYNOPSIS :: (Book 6)

My life was finally starting to make sense. After agreeing to his proposal, I saw a life with my love. A future. But what I didn’t see were the thunderheads roiling ahead, a dangerous obstacle standing between me and my fate. Was someone trying to sabotage my life with my future husband? Or were our destinies meant for separate paths?
This is an erotic novella with explicit sex scenes meant for mature audiences only. This is not a stand-alone book, but is meant to be read with the rest of the ‘Sexy Series.’





* Review copies of all 6 novellas was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Book 1: With a Side of Sexy

~~ 4 Sexy Stars ~~

I just want to start by saying Thank You to Gigi Marie for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to read her Sexy Series. This series consists of 6 novella length books. Each of my reviews will probably be on the short side, just because each installment are short.

With that said…..I really enjoyed book 1 With A Side of Sexy. It is a fun and sexy read. Not much happens in this installment besides getting to meet the main characters. I enjoy the writing style of the author. The flow and pace of her writing is well thought out. I think the only thing I was expecting in this first book was a little more development of the characters. I would’ve liked to learn a little bit more of April and Patrick’s background, or at least more of April’s. We do get a glimpse of her past and why she has trouble trusting men….I am hoping that, that is built more in the other installments.

I will warn you that because this is technically a serial, that each of the installments end with a cliffhanger or a to be continued ending. This one was more of the to be continued type ending….it is nothing that will have you biting you nails off, but you will want to pick up the next book to see where the story will go from here. The author, at the end of this book, started to bring in a little bit of the drama and problems between the two characters…..I am looking forward to seeing where she takes this story and how things work out for Patrick and April.

I would recommend this series to anyone looking for that fun and sexy read!!!!
Book 2: With A Side of Sassy

~~ 3.5 Sassy Stars ~~

This book takes off right where Book One ended. At the end of Book One Patrick has left to go to San Francisco for work and doesn’t know if he will be back or not. April and him are on the outs and April is down and out, feeling she can’t trust anyone. The story continues from here.

I enjoyed this book….it is another fun, sexy and easy read, but I will say that in this book the author incorporated an aspect into the storyline that I really don’t like to read about in books. She added a love triangle and I am not a huge fan of those. Now don’t worry there isn’t any cheating with this triangle, it is more that April has is so wishy washy on who she wants to be with and that is what drives me crazy. That is why I had to take off a 1/2 star on this book.

Again Gigi’s writing style is really good and the storyline and pace flowed really well. This book also has the to be continued ending but this one at least April ends in a better place than book One and I like where the story is going from here. I am excited to jump right into book Three and see what happens.
Book 3: With A Side of Spicy

~~ 4 Spicy Stars ~~

Bring on the Spice and the Drama!!! In book three the story continues off from where Book 2 ended. In this book April has decided to throw caution to the wind and go to San Francisco with Patrick. This installment of the series definitely brought on more drama then the previous two books. People from Patrick’s life and past are introduced and with April and her insecurity issues….you can kind of guess where it is leading.

Gigi definitely turned up the spice factor with this book. I will say that at first it felt like this book was all about sex between Patrick and April but as the book moves along more of the storyline comes into play.

This again is another quick, easy and sexy read, but this one will draw on your inner emotions a little more then book 1 and 2 did. This also ends with a mild cliffy, so you will want to have book 4 ready and waiting when you are finished. I can’t wait to see how Patrick gets out of this mess he has created  ;(
Book 4: With A Side of Saucy

~~ 3.5 Saucy Stars ~~

Ummmm…..I don’t know how to explain how I feel about this book in the series. I will say that it continues on right where book 3 ended, but I have to say my emotions and feelings were all over the place during this one. I will say that I didn’t like April through most of this book. I thought that even with how book 3 ended that April had grown as a person and that she was starting to figure things out and find direction with her life. I was wrong….she fell into old habits again (Zac) and I wanted to smack her around. We were back to her being wishy washy regarding Zac and I felt so bad for him.
I honestly felt like April was leading Zac on throughout this whole book and I just don’t think that is very nice of her.

I was glad to see that as the book went on and things are brought to light that April FINALLY has her epiphany regarding Zac and finally makes a decision one way or another. (You’ll have to read it to find out what she decides). I was sad that Patrick isn’t in this book very much. I thought the way book 3 ended that we would’ve seen more of him. I thought how this one ended was resolved to quick. He is missing from most of the story and then makes his return and stuff is brought to light and then all is forgiven. I think April and Patrick needed to talk things out more.

Even with all that said…..I did enjoy this book and I am totally invested in this series that there is NO way I can’t continue to find out what happens. I am hoping that with everything that was resolved in this book the drama will be less in the last two books. I think the love triangle needs to go away!!!!
Book 5: With A Side of Steamy

~~ 4 Steamy Stars ~~

So at the end of book 4 we were left with a question that April needed to answer. In the start of book 5 we get that answer. Again this book takes off right at the same spot as the book before ended. I was glad to see the direction that this story was taking. The only drama in this book was caused by the characters themselves. They seemed to have a small communication problem. I don’t want to say much about the storyline in this book because I think it will spoil what happens and then you can guess where the story goes. I liked that we got to meet some new characters in this book and that we got to know one specific character a little better. We also see another character come into the picture that I think could potentially be a problem for the couple. We’ll see I guess!!!

This was another quick, fun and sexy read. What I am finding with these short novellas is that things seemed to be rushed a little more then they would be with a longer novella or full length novel. At times I find that because scenes are rushed they don’t seem realistic. Things are just smoothed over a little too quickly for me. With that said, it is not deterring me from enjoying this series and wanting to find out how it all ends.
Book 6: With A Side of Bride

~~ 4 Happy Ending Stars ~~

This is the conclusion to Patrick and April’s journey in finding happiness and love. With A Side of Bride is the final book in the Sexy Series and I thought it was a really great ending. I am glad that this story turned out like this, there was a small time I didn’t think I would get the ending I wanted 😉

April and Patrick run into some bumps along the way in this book, but I was glad to see that they stuck it out and worked through things together. This is the only book that actually didn’t start off where the previous book ended, the author put a month in between, but she did fill in the gap so nothing was missing. Again the sexy times in this book were off the charts HOT!!! I understand why the author labeled this as an erotic romance. I know my kindle melted a few times 😉

My OVERALL review and feelings on this entire series is that it is a solid 4 stars!!! I thought that the storyline and characters could’ve been developed just a little bit more. There were parts in the storyline that I think could’ve been expanded on, but that is the trouble with serials….the novellas are short and can’t always go into depth with the plot and characters. The only thing I find hard with this is it makes having a connection with the characters kind of hard. I felt connected with all the characters separately, but as a couple it was kind of hard to feel their true love and connection.

I would recommend this serial to anyone who is a fan of serials and/or novellas. If you are looking for that fun, easy and really HOT read, then this is the one for you. These books will have you laughing, blushing, panting, cursing and overall leave you feeling happy 🙂




GiGi Marie is the author of the steamy new ‘Sexy Series.’ GiGi lives in the hot Arizona desert where she creates her fiery characters and smoldering stories, pursuing her love of the romantic world of literature.


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 With the Side of Sexy  (Book 1)


With the Side of Sassy  (Book 2)


With the Side of Spicy  (Book 3)


With the Side of Saucy  (Book 4)


With the Side of Steamy  (Book 5)


With the Side of Bride  (Book 6)


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