Laney Stewart has always had a thing for hot Navy Seals. With her brother bringing them home for every holiday how was she supposed to resist? Especially when he seems to want her despite her not being a size two, or even a size ten. With him living right next door, what’s a girl to do?

Craig Thomas didn’t expect to have sex with Little Laney. But when he moved in next door to Luke Stewart’s little sister, and she shows up at his apartment too drunk to find her own, what’s a man to do? How was he to resist a woman who sets him on fire and always has when she cries and tells him that nobody could ever want her.





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4 “She. Hated. Men!” stars!

I was sold the minute I saw hot Navy Seals in the synopsis 😉  But there is a lot more to this story than just the HOT HOT guys in it. And there are so MANY of them. My hope is they all get their own story 🙂

“He knew he couldn’t touch her, but desire was complicated and he couldn’t seem to shake it.”

Holding her Tightly is Craig and Laney’s story, though. And wow is it an interesting and complex one. They are neighbors, they work together, Craig’s best friend is her brother, and neither are willing to discuss their feelings!!  Oh, and did I mention this has been going on for like 12 years?!? I was starting to wonder if they were ever going to talk about it!!!  And the surprising thing was Laney frustrated me more than Craig. Usually I like to blame the males, but I couldn’t do that this time. Laney has some issues that make her hold back so much, but DAMN girl, Craig is HOT and sweet and wants you!! Open your eyes, woman!!! Yes, I was doing a lot of mental screaming at her. LOL

“He wanted to shake her only he was afraid if he touched her again he’d rip her clothes off and throw her to the bed to take her, repeatedly.”

And you know what?!? Laney is a great person and NOT a size 2!! Haha…who knew a person could be sexy and attract a sexy seal when she is a size 12. Sorry if that came across sarcastic, but it was supposed to be!! I do get tired of reading about all the perfect bodies in almost every story I read. Thank you, Marianne for writing a real woman into this story 😉

“You think that’s the type of woman I want in my bed, Laney? That? Have you ever seen a woman like her leaving my apartment?”

I feel like this is a great start to what can be a HOT, sexy and entertaining series. Holding her Tightly could easily be a one sitting read with how smooth it flows and how quickly you get sucked right in to Laney’s life. My one complaint, but not really a complaint, is that I think this story could have been even better in first person with both male and female point of views. You are given a lot of their thoughts but it all kind of flows together instead of separating out when we were getting their thoughts. I know that sounds confusing but I promise it makes sense in my head 😉 LOL!!

Happy Reading!!!




 Holding Her Tightly: Security Seals (Seals Security Book 1)


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