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Cassidy James was your average seventeen-year-old girl, and senior in high school. She came from a traditional family with conventional morals and values. She was a friend to everyone, and an enemy to no one.

To me…

Cassidy James was so much more. Her hair flowed down her back like an angel’s would. Her eyes were so beautiful that they matched the color of the sea. Cassidy simply was the epitome of perfection. The only problem was when it came to Cassidy James…

We were just friends.



*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*

4 “Graham loved me” stars!

This is such a sweet young adult love triangle, but yet so damn frustrating, too. Do you remember those teenage years when you made bad decisions?? Cassidy James makes MANY of them!!! Good lord, I wanted to scream at her. The girl had me gritting my teeth and cursing under my breath. But Graham, oh Graham Wagner is amazing!! In my opinion he acted more mature than his 18 years old. He was patient, kind, loyal, and so good to Cassidy.

“When did Graham get so hot?”

This is a great story about young love. Young love is in no way perfect and that is definitely the case for Graham and Cassidy. Most teenagers don’t see exactly what is right in front of their face, and Cassidy sure didn’t. But Like I said, Graham acted older and he was the exception in this story.

“He got the girl and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.”

The story has many ups and downs, and that’s what kept this reader interested. Cassidy James is a great quick weekend read that will take you back to those high school days where your biggest concern was who liked who 😉 I almost hate to use the word swoon-worthy on Graham because he is a teenage boy, but I tell you he is swoon-worthy!!! There were so many scenes where I swear I was awwwwing and smiling. He really is a good kid with a great heart. And that’s not to say Cassidy wasn’t a good kid, because she was. She just wasn’t quite as mature as Graham.

“Cassidy James had always been my weakness and today wasn’t any different.”

As you can see, I enjoyed this story. It’s an enjoyable young adult story that will make you reminisce about those high school days. Let me know what you think!! Happy reading!






Ashley Wilcox is a mother to three, a soccer mom to two of the three, and a wife to one. She likes to spend her free time getting lost in love stories, creating her own, and searching for hours on Pinterest for the latest DIYs and recipes.

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