Hot on the heels of her beloved Marriage to a Billionaire novels, New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst nails it with the first in an all-new sexy romance series featuring red-hot contractor siblings who give the Property Brothers a run for their money!

Ever the responsible eldest brother, Caleb Pierce started working for his father’s luxury contracting business at a young age, dreaming of one day sitting in the boss’s chair. But his father’s will throws a wrench in his plans by stipulating that Caleb share control of the family business with his two estranged brothers.

Things only get more complicated when demanding high-end home designer Morgan hires Caleb to build her a customized dream house that matches her specifications to a T—or she’ll use her powerful connections to poison the Pierce brothers’ reputation. Not one to ignore a challenge, Caleb vows to get the job done—if only he can stop getting distracted by his new client’s perfect…amenities.

But there’s more to icy Morgan than meets the eye. And Caleb’s not the only one who knows how to use a stud-finder. In fact, Morgan is pretty sure she’s found hers—and he looks quite enticing in a hard hat. As sparks fly between Morgan and Caleb despite his best intentions not to mix business and pleasure, will she finally warm up and help him lay the foundation for everlasting love?


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* A review copy was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

~ 4 Princess and Charming Stars ~

What I really love about a Jennifer Probst book is that she has the ability to give her readers a fun, sexy, and lighthearted read but still fill it with all the complex emotions and feelings every reader wants to feel while reading a book. Her books will have you laughing, swooning, blushing, and even yelling at times, but in the end you know you will end the story with a huge smile on your face and a new Book Boyfriend to love.

Everywhere and Every Way is the first book in Jennifer Probst newest series. I thought this was a perfect start to this new series. It’s a standalone with interconnecting characters. So we get to see all the characters in this book and get to know the Brothers, while she also sets up the premise of the second book along the way.

As a HUGE fan of HGTV, I was instantly drawn to this book once I read the blurb. I love that channel and home decorating. What I was pleasantly surprised with in this story was the underlying emotions and tragedy that both Morgan and Caleb suffered in the past. My heart broke for each of them. I thought the flow of this book worked well and that Jennifer gave us well developed characters. While also giving us a wonderful storyline. My only negative about this book, was I thought at times the pace was a little slow for my liking. I thought we got a little too much detail at times and that dragged out the story. Even saying that though, I truly enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading the other books in this series when they come out.

In this book we meet Caleb and Morgan. Caleb is the oldest of the Pierce Brothers and has been working along side of his dad with the family business. When his father passes away and the will is read, his dad has put a stipulation in the will that is making Caleb reconnect with his two younger brothers…. Tristan and Dalton. Morgan is a well known decorator to a celebrity based clientele. Her latest clients have brought her to the quaint town of Harrington and to the offices of Pierce Brothers Construction, where she meets Caleb. What we get from here is a rollercoaster ride. These two were all over the place and their banter was awesome!! Talk about a book with sexual tension, these two had it in spades. I loved that she gave us mature characters, they weren’t into playing games and he wasn’t a playboy like we see in many other books. I loved watching Caleb open up to Morgan and I enjoyed watching Morgan bring out the real side of her personality. But she is keeping a secret from Caleb…..what happens when it comes out?? Can these two weather any storm?? Read this book to find out!!!

So if your looking for a fun, sexy, entertaining romance story and are a fan of Jennifer Probst, or even if she is a new author to you, give this book a try….I think everyone will really enjoy this book.






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He closed the distance between them. Was that his heart beating? Stupid. Of course not. He was a grown man, and he didn’t get those feelings anymore. She tilted her head back, and he saw the slight tremble of her lips as she gazed back at him, refusing to look away.

“I like you now.”

She cleared her throat. The pulse at the base of her neck and the dilation of her pupils gave her away. She felt it, too. His nostrils flared like a predator’s on the hunt, but he moved slow, bending his head so his mouth was inches from hers, so he could feel the warm rush of her breath against him. So she had plenty of time to pull away and cry foul. Still, she rallied.

She spoke his name on a ragged whisper. “What are you doing, Cal?”

“I’m sorry.”

She shuddered. His hands clasped her shoulders, and he breathed her in.

“For misjudging me? Calling me a coward? Or not liking me at first?”

He locked his gaze with hers to show her his intention. Paused. “For this.”

Cal covered his mouth with hers.

The moment her lips yielded under his, Caleb realized Morgan Raines was more dangerous than he’d ever imagined.

She tasted like all the things he loved in his past—sugar cookies and bourbon-infused chocolate. Freshly squeezed orange juice and key lime pie. Deliciously sweet and tart and tasty. Everything he craved and couldn’t get enough of, wrapped up in this one gorgeous female.

The kiss was slow and deep and oh, so thorough. Cal kept his hands firmly on her shoulders, not trusting himself to be cool. Who would’ve thought Morgan Raines would inspire violent lust instead of lukewarm interest? His body shook with the effort to control his instincts. Instead, he teased her, gathering her taste with his tongue and capturing the sexy little moan that spilled from her throat. It was a kiss that introduced, welcomed, lingered. It was the hottest kiss he’d ever shared with a woman, and he didn’t know what he was going to do about it.










Jennifer Probst is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of both sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her novel, The Marriage Bargain, was the #6 Bestselling Book on Amazon for 2012. Her first children’s book, Buffy and the Carrot, was co-written with her 12 year old niece, and her short story, “A Life Worth Living” chronicles the life of a shelter dog. She makes her home in New York with her sons, husband, two rescue dogs, and a house that never seems to be clean. She loves hearing from all readers! Stop by her website at http://www.jenniferprobst.com for all her upcoming releases, news and street team information.


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