Mason is a place where love can be found in every pasture and small town hopes meet big city dreams. A world filled with love, angst, and plenty of chances to find your soulmate. So whether you’re a cowboy dedicated to your family’s ranch or a young woman from the city looking to start a new life, happiness can be found in Kelly Elliott’s Wanted Kindle World. Come take a stroll and get lost in this charming Texas hillcountry town.





ADORED by Georgia Cates

My name is Judd Mathews and I have it all: money, good looks, success. Fans buy my music and scream my name. My life is a charmed one… until my world is turned onto its head by a girl. Scarlett Mathews.

A baby girl.

My newborn daughter.

Her mother is gone, and she has no one in this world but me. This delicate little girl couldn’t have been born to a more unsuitable father… until Leighton Mitchell opens my eyes and makes me see things differently.

Leighton is not my typical kind of woman. She does not get drunk on whiskey or chase country music stars for a chance at a one-night stand on a tour bus. She’s nurturing, wholesome, respectable… and easily the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She loves my daughter. Adores her. And that makes it very easy to see that she belongs in Scarlett’s life. And mine.





* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 5 Adoring Stars ~

Adore is the perfect title for this novella by Georgia Cates because I absolutely ADORED this story.

Adore is a standalone novella in Kelly Elliott’s Wanted World and is told in Dual POV. This was a sweet and sexy single dad rock star romance. It had a touch of the forbidden love story because Leighton is hired by Judd to be his newborn baby’s nanny. The connection to Kelly Elliott’s Wanted Series is that this story takes place in Mason Texas and the Hero of the story is Gunner’s cousin. I loved that we got to see Gunner again in this story. I thought this was a wonderful addition to this Kindle World.

You will get swept up into this story and these characters lives. I will say that when I finished this story I wanted more. I wish this would’ve been a full length novel because I couldn’t get enough of Leighton and Judd.

As with all of these novellas in this Kindle World you don’t have to read any other book to enjoy each of them.

In Adored we follow Judd and Leighton. Judd is a country music superstar, who just had his world turned upside down, when he found out he is a father. Leighton is a NICU nurse who has been taking care of Scarlett since she was born early. Judd realizing that he isn’t prepared or ready to be a father, turns to Leighton for help. What he didn’t realize is the connection he has to Leighton. Will Leighton fall for Judd?? Can these two have a HEA?? Read this sweet and swoony romance to find out.

I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who loves Georgia Cates books. Also if you love a rock star romance this is one to check out, because you will fall in love with all the characters and there isn’t a lot of excess drama. This novella will leave you with a smile on your face.




BLURRED LINES by Nazarea Andrews

When Ethan is called home for an unexpected wedding, all he can think about is the well-meaning women in his life trying to set him up with someone that will entice him to move back Texas. Settle down and get married and live a nice quiet life.

Which is why he ends up asking Spencer, his best friend and roommate, to go as his date. Never mind that they aren’t dating, that Spence is definitely not interested in dating—his sisters have heard enough about him over the years that they might buy it.

A week at home, pretending to date a guy he’s been in love with for three years? What could possibly go wrong?






MERCY by Andrea Johnson

At eighteen years old, Mercy Warner packed up her little hatchback and set out for bigger and better things. Determined to put small town life behind her, Mercy had dreams – big cities and bright lights were her destiny.

Four years later, Mercy finds herself drawn to the small town of Mason, Texas. With strangers who embrace her like family and a local cowboy with dimples offering her happiness, it’s hard to resist what the town has to offer.

Will her dreams of living life under the bright lights of a big city overshadow the small-town life under the stars she’s drawn to?

Only Mercy has the answer.






FOUND by Kristin Mayer

I thought I knew him.

I didn’t.

One night he was in my bed; the next, gone like a ghost. But the memories of us together were branded on my soul.

Now he stands before me, a stranger with a different name.

The worse part is I still want him.

One thing is for certain: He isn’t stopping until he gets what he wants—me.





* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 5 I Found You Stars ~

What a little GEM this novella was!!! I was totally swept away with Found by Kristin Mayer.

For being a novella, this story packed a punch. It was a sweet second chance romance but had a little suspenseful element added to keep you turning the pages. This book will only take you a couple of hours to read, but it lacked for nothing.

Found by Kristin Mayer is a novella that is in Kelly Elliott’s Wanted Kindle World. A group of various authors who have written a story that encompasses Kelly’s Wanted Series. This story takes place in Fredericksburg Texas where Kelly’s original Wanted cast of characters are from. I loved how those characters were incorporated into this story. It was great seeing them again. Kristin’s story felt like it totally belonged in this series.

Found is a standalone novella told in Dual POV. You don’t have to read the Wanted Series first to enjoy this book. It is completely it’s own story. But if you have read the Wanted Series then you will be able to appreciate the connection that is made.

In this story we follow Austin and Scarlette. Austin and Scarlette met a year ago when he was on furlough from the Marines for three days and had a world wind romance, but at the end of the three days he left with no word and left Scarlette broken hearted. Now a year later and Scarlette is trying to move on with her life after her mom’s recent death. Which brings her to Fredericksburg and to the Mathew’s Ranch. What she wasn’t expecting was to run into Austin in a local bar. Will Scarlette be able to forgive Austin for leaving her broken hearted?? Can these two have a HEA?? What happens when Austin’s past meets his present?? Read this charming novella to find out.

I loved see all the Wanted characters again. Reading this book made it feel like I was coming home. Now I wanted to reread the Wanted Series again.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Kristin Mayer’s books, a fan of The Wanted Series, or just loves a sweet and sexy second chance romance with a swoony cowboy as the Hero.





City Girl’s Cowboy by Kahlen Aymes

He might desire her, but he’ll be damned if he’ll ever let her hurt him again.

Thea Andreas left behind her cowboy boots, the dusty trails of Texas, and first love, River King for the bright lights and big city dreams of the Big Apple and a big-time modeling career.

When Thea inherits part of her great Uncle Leonard’s sprawling ranch, she goes back to settle the estate, but gets more than she bargained for when the majority owner refuses to buy her out, and no one else will either. See, the locals know the story, and their loyalty is clear.

River is cockier and sexier than ever and it’s not easy to resist when he makes it clear he’d be more than happy to oblige her with a roll in the hay, for old time’s sake. He’s the catch of the county and every single woman within a hundred miles wants him, rousing old feelings of jealousy and pain. What’s worse, River seems to revel in making her suffer.

The beauty of the ranch where she grew up and and hauntingly intense memories of their first love might convince her to stay, but even if she wanted to give up her career and move back to Texas, it won’t matter if River can’t forgive her for chasing her dream.





* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 3.5 Stars ~

The City Girl’s Cowboy is the novella written by Kahlen Aymes in Kelly Elliott’s Wanted Kindle World. This was the shortest one I have read. It really will only take you about an hour to read the book.

I thought this story was an enjoyable one but one that didn’t WOW me. I enjoyed that we got to the heart of the storyline right away, but I felt it was missing something. The story felt kind of stilted or jumpy. It didn’t flow as well as I had hoped it would. I also thought the ending was kind of abrupt. I was hoping for one more chapter or an epilogue to finish out River and Thea’s story.

City Girl’s Cowboy is a second chance romance told in Dual POV. I thought it was a good addition to this Kindle World. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Kahlen Aymes. She added her normal flare to the story that we come to expect when picking up one of her books. This was a romance filled with some angst and drama. It will have your emotions going up and down like a roller coaster.

In this novella we follow River and Thea’s story. Thea went off to NYC to become a famous model and left River behind when she did. Now she is back in Mason for her Uncle’s funeral and runs into River. To say things don’t go smoothly is an understatement. Can River forgive Thea for leaving him?? Will Thea choose to stay in Mason now?? Can they get their HEA?? Read this story to find out.

I enjoyed that we got to see some of the Wanted crew in this book.

So if you are looking for that second chance romance that will only take a short time to enjoy, then this is the novella for you.





Beyond the Lights By Casey Peeler

She’d do anything for her best friend.

Hollywood makeup artist, Addie Mae Turner will never forget where she came from. And when her childhood friend is having her first baby, Addie runs back town to throw the most memorable baby shower to date. Getting her friend’s older brother to help is just icing on the cake.

He’s not impressed with her glitz and glory.

Sawyer Jackson is small town—and that’s exactly how he likes it. As the high school football coach, he has one thing on his mind: winning. But when Addie Mae waltzes back in town, he refuses to get lost in her money and beauty.

Together, there’s more than meets the eye.

Teaming up to plan the event, Sawyer and Addie discover more than diapers and bottles. Addie might just be using her career to hide who she really is. Can the high school coach show her that behind the facade is where the really beauty lies?





Church Bells by Jennifer Rebecca

Tanner Savage is a Texas Ranger with a strong sense of right and wrong and a love of country and duty with no room for shades of gray. The battle hardened former Marine lives to protect his hometown, Mason, Texas and the people who live and love there.

Abigail Williams did a bad, bad thing. Trapped in a dangerous situation with no end in sight, Abigail made a difficult choice and now she is living with the consequences, and those consequences are a life on the run—a new name in a new town.







Another Round of Whiskey by S. Moose

At first sight.

At first taste.

I never thought Whiskey would become my addiction. We melted together as one. He was my world. I was his everything. Our love was consuming. Every time we touched, we ignited.

One dream.

One choice.

Seven years later, I’m back home and the beautiful man standing before me still has the power to set my body on fire. The desire is overpowering. But the pain of the past keeps him away.

When he leaves me standing in the middle of the bar, I sit on his stool and come up with some sort of plan. Anything that’ll bring back the piece of my heart I left behind. So, when the bartender asks what I’m having, I let him know..

Another round of Whiskey.

What happens when the law man finds himself attracted to the woman on the run?

Have you visited Mason yet?





* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 4 Second Time Around Stars ~

Another Round Of Whiskey is the third novella I have read in Kelly Elliott’s Wanted Kindle World.

I have to be honest and say that I did enjoy this story, but it isn’t my favorite of the ones I have read so far. I didn’t feel the connection to the Wanted Series like I have with the other reads. I think my biggest thing was that I didn’t feel that swoony cowboy connection with Landon.

I really had a hard time liking Landon for most of the read. I understood where he was coming from and why he was hurt and it was hard for him to trust Ashley, but his character really made it hard for me to like him. And when he finally did turn around it was already too late for me.

Now don’t get me wrong I did enjoy this story and I thought it was a good second chance romance. I also thought it is a good addition to this Kindle World. Just because I didn’t love it doesn’t mean others won’t. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a second chance romance or if you are a fan of S Moose’s books.

Like I said this is a standalone second chance romance between Landon and Ashley. Landon and Ashley have known each other their entire life and have been dating for many years, when Ashley decides she wants to follow her dreams and go to NYC and become famous. Landon being the supportive boyfriend tells her to follow her dreams and that he will be here waiting for her when she comes back. Fast forward 7 years and Ashley is back and determined to win back Landon’s heart and trust. Will Landon be able to forgive Ashley?? Can they get their HEA after all this time?? Read this angst and drama filled romance to get those answers.

I did really enjoy seeing how Gunner, Jeff, Ellie and Ari played into this story. It’s always nice reconnecting with past characters. No you don’t have to read the Wanted Series to enjoy this story.

If you are a fan of an angst filled second chance romance then this a story you should read!!






He’s a playboy, working his way to the top at a local recording studio. When a free recording session is the prize for one lucky lady, he knows her voice is the one to seal his fate at the studio.

She’s a country girl, having fun with her sister in Nashville, but has no plans to stay. She misses the Hill Country of Texas, and her horses. After recording her CD, she heads home and never looks back, even though the man behind the glass caused her heart to flutter as she sang.

Determined to find the girl with the perfect voice, Jeremy heads to Texas to try to convince her that she’s the next big thing. But when he sees her in her own world, as more than just a pretty face and a beautiful voice, he realizes that maybe his life in the big city isn’t what he really wants. Maybe the Hills of Texas and in the arms of sweet Kennedy is where he truly belongs.





* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 5 Make Me A Cowboy Stars ~

Kenzie Rose is a new author to me and I have to say I really enjoyed what I read. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

My Unexpected Cowboy was a wonderful opposites attract romance. You can’t help but fall in love with these characters and the storyline. This is another novella in Kelly Elliott’s Wanted Kindle World and this was another great addition.

My Unexpected Cowboy is a standalone novella that won’t take but a couple hours to read. It is told in Dual POV. I thought the story flowed well and the pace was perfect. Even though it is a novella length story, I didn’t feel anything missing. I thought we got just enough of everything to make this story very satisfying!!!!

In this story we meet Kennedy and Jeremy. Kennedy owns a ranch in Mason, TX that she inherited from her grandpa. She is determined to continue on with their legacy. Jeremy is a Sound Engineer in the music business. Kennedy is taking her sister to college in Nashville when she wins a contest to record a CD demo. This is where she meets Jeremy and the sparks fly!!! Kennedy having no interest in the music business heads back home back to the ranch. Jeremy is convinced that Kennedy could be the next big music star and heads to Texas to bring her back. Can Jeremy convince Kennedy to try her hand at singing?? Will Kennedy be able to turn the city boy into a real cowboy? Can these two opposites find their HEA?? Read this novella to find out.

I loved that we got to see Ari and Jeff in this story. All the others I have read focused on Gunner and Ellie, so it was nice to see another favorite couple of mine play into one of these stories.

I thought Jeremy was completely swoon worthy and Kennedy was a strong and feisty heroine. I really enjoyed both of these characters and wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in the future.

I would recommend this opposites attract romance story to everyone. It is a sweet and sexy romance without a lot of excess drama!!!






Leni Turner

I learned very young that love has the power to destroy us, and so I’ve stayed clear, vowing to never lose myself to love another. I escaped Texas and broke free from the life that tried to destroy me. Yet here I am, five years later, my dreams shattered, on a bus back to the place I never wanted to be.

Liam Moore

I spend my days on the ranch, doing what I love, in my favorite place on Earth. After years without contact, I’m startled to find her green eyes staring back at me, making me realize how much I’ve missed her. She doesn’t want me in her life, and yet now that she’s back, I don’t know how I’ll make it without her in mine.

Sometimes, everything you need is right where you left it. It’s finding the strength to embrace it that’s the hard part.






18-year-old Ellie Johnson always believed she would never be loved or wanted by anyone. She focused all of her attention on her grades and getting into the University of Texas to start a new life away from her mother.

The last thing Ellie expected was to fall in love with Gunner Mathews, a starting linebacker for the University of Texas football team and not to mention, her brother’s best friend.

Gunner only has two passions in life, football and his grandfather’s ranch, until he falls for his best friends little sister. He will stop at nothing to show Ellie how much he wants her, even if it means he has to move faster than she would like.

Gunner knows they are meant to be together forever, but Ellie keeps denying her feelings out of fear of being hurt again. Every time he gets close to winning her love, something pushes her away again. Will Ellie ever be able to let go of the past and let him into her heart, and will Gunner be patient enough to wait for her?

This is a new release of an edition originally published by K. Elliott Enterprises, INC.






author-photoKelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author. Since finishing her bestselling Wanted series, Kelly continues to spread her wings while remaining true to her roots and giving readers stories rich with hot protective men, strong women and beautiful surroundings.

Her bestselling works include, Wanted, Broken, Without You, and Unconditional Love, to name just a few.

Kelly has been passionate about writing since she was fifteen. After years of filling journals with stories, she finally followed her dream and published her first novel, Wanted, in November of 2012.

Kelly lives in central Texas with her husband, daughter, and two pups. When she’s not writing, Kelly enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She is down to earth and very in touch with her readers, both on social media and at signings.

To find out more about Kelly and her books, you can find her through her website.



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