My life was one of those teen angst rom-coms where the ugly high
school student transforms herself into the beauty queen.  Except there was
no cute guy helping me along, no series of makeover shots with fun background
music, no scene where I walked into the room and all heads turned to look at me
while wind blew through my hair.  I was the ugly high school student, and I did transform, but it wasn’t all peaches and
Bullied so badly in high school that it ruined my life, I spent my
senior year in therapy.  It was there that I transformed – not just
physically, but mentally as well.  I wanted a fresh start and going to
college across the country was my ticket to that.  It was a whole new
world, and things were great …
… and then came the blast from my past.
And he didn’t recognize me.  What was a girl to do?
Revenge, of course!  My plan was to make him fall for me and then break
his heart.
Sounds simple, right?
Wrong.  If only revenge was black and
… too bad a lot of gray was in the mix.
But one thing was for sure – I needed a way to heal the scars from my
past.  I just hoped I could. 





* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 5 Redemption Stars ~

“ Sometimes things happen in life that change the person you were; things mold you into someone else or steer you in a different direction.”….Genevieve

This quote truly sums up this emotional charged love story. This was so much more than just a New Adult romance. It was a story about redeeming yourself and finding love in the most unexpected place.

Scars of My Past is a standalone novel told in Dual POV and both past and present time. I thought the way the author laid out this story to us was interesting and I thought it worked well with this storyline and characters. I thought the pace and flow of this story was well written and excellently executed.

I will warn readers though, this book covers a very tough subject for some. She talks about the effects of both abuse and bullying and what happens to the victims and the person who is doing the bullying. What I loved was the message she was trying to get across to her readers. That is that even if you are being bullied, there are people there to help and not to give up. Also we have to look at what or why that person is bullying another. It isn’t always so straightforward. No I am not condoning Bullying what so ever, but sometimes there are other reasons for it. Please just read the book and see for yourself what I am poorly trying to explain.

“ Physical wounds healed. Emotional ones left a scar on your heart.”….Genevieve

I don’t want to go into detail about the storyline, except that it is one that at times will be hard to read. My heart broke on so many occasions while reading this story. Not only for Genevieve, but also for Cameron. I will say that the first half of this book is slightly predictable, but the author kept things interesting enough to keep the reader turning the pages. So was also able to take me by surprise toward the end of the story. Something is revealed that I didn’t see coming. But I loved what it meant. I loved both characters she gave us in this story. Genevieve was such a strong survivor. What she had to endure was horrible, but I loved that she came out stronger in the end.

“ I was beautiful, I was Strong, and I’d survived.”…..Genevieve

Cameron….I don’t know how to describe him. Just that I loved him and by the end my heart went out to him. He was such a broken soul and all he wanted was to feel true love from someone. I loved watching his transformation. He is one character you will want to meet.

I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who likes a Mature YA/ New Adult romance story. Just know this isn’t a light and fluffy read and it will pull on your heartstrings. I know this book and these characters will live on in my mind for some time to come.


DC Renee is a financial analyst by day, and an indie author by night. She’s been writing since she was a child, from poems to short stories, even fan fictions. She published her first book in March of 2014, and it hit the Amazon top 100 list in Contemporary Romance Fiction several times. Naturally, she loves to read! She also loves spending time with her hubby and their new baby girl, as well as her immediate family (in-laws included!). She speaks Russian fluently, and it might come with the territory, but she loves watching hockey. Go Kings! DC is really thankful for all the support she receives from her family, friends and most of all her readers and fans. She hopes you enjoy her books as much as she enjoys writing them.


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