MY PEACE, the continuation of Pax Tate’s story from IF YOU STAY, is live today!



Happy endings must be worked for.

Pax Tate used to be an effed up asshole, but you’d never know it now.

He’s got a sexy wife, their own little family, a cozy home, and a successful career.

Everything is perfect.

Until his past rears its ugly head.

Pax will do anything to protect his family,

even if he destroys himself in the process.







* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 5 Love Never Fails Stars ~

Wow….I don’t even really know how to review this book!! It was filled with both love and heartbreak. Knowing what a personal story/character this is to the author….my heart broke for her and Pax many times.

I truly appreciate the fact that she gave us more of Pax and Mila’s story. I know that writing this book is probably pretty difficult for her. I fell in love with Pax in his first book IF YOU STAY. He was a down and out young man you had a horrible childhood experience and then felt rejected by his father, so he turned to drugs. He was on a downward spiral until he met Mila. She was his shining light. I don’t want to tell the whole story of the first book, you really just need to read it if you haven’t. Then come back and reunite with Pax and Mila in My Peace.

This book shows that no matter how “healed” a drug addict thinks he is, it is truly a lifelong struggle. And that it takes the people who love the person to help them along. I loved the storyline she gave Pax and Mila in this book, while still showing her own families struggles through the eyes of Pax (who is based off her son)

My Peace is a novella and a fairly quick read but is filled with so much feeling and emotions that you think it is a full length novel. This story was told in Dual POV, so we get to see both Pax and Mila’s thoughts as the story unfolds. I couldn’t put this book down. There was the element of suspense added in to keep you wanting to turn the page and see how things would turn out. This is NOT a standalone novel. You should definitely read If You Stay first because My Peace is a continuation of Pax and Mila’s story told five years later.

I enjoyed that we got to see other characters from this series. I was nice reconnecting with Gabe, Madison and Brand.

I always hoped that we would eventually get to see more Mila and Pax and where their life had led them and I am so glad the Courtney Cole decided to open her heart and her life again to bring us this story.












Note from Courtney:

Dear Readers,

I announced recently that I based the character of Pax Tate on my twenty-two year old son, Gunner.

Gunner is a drug addict.  He’s currently in rehab, and he’s doing well, but it’s been a long roller-coaster of a journey to get here.

Pax’s personality traits are Gunner’s.  Even though Gunner’s moods have been mercurial because of drugs, deep down he is strong and funny, charming and sweet.  I wanted that to come through in Pax.

(Of course, when I’m writing the “sexy time” scenes, I’m definitely picturing Jensen Ackles or Alex Pettyfer in my head.  🙂

Pax’s heart is as deep as the ocean, even though sometimes, he can be an asshole.  I think readers realized that in IF YOU STAY, and that book sat on the New York Times for twelve weeks back in 2013.

Readers have asked for more Pax over the years, and it is only now, that I wanted to add more to the story. It is only now that I have come to terms with the fact, based on my son’s own life, that happy endings must be worked for.

I hope you love Pax’s story.

I wrote it with the ending I want for my own son, one of hope, of happiness and of good health.

I will give anything to make that true.

From my pen to God’s ear.

I hope you enjoy the story.  Thank you for reading!






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