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Elusive LA Fiore Ecover FOR WEB

I didn’t set out to be a pirate.

Life for me was about surviving the ugliness that people knew existed but didn’t talk about.

I lived in hell.

Then I saw her.

I knew I couldn’t keep her, but for just a little while I had found heaven.

Eight years later, I can’t get her out of my head.

It is a mistake sailing to her island.

It is a mistake reaching out to her.

She doesn’t recognize me. Or maybe she does.

Closure, it is all I’m after.

Then my past comes back to haunt me.

She’s thrust into my ruthless world. An angel.

A romantic who has a journal that leads to a shipwreck and a lost treasure.

She wants to find the ending to a love story that is over two hundred years in the making.

I want to help her find it.I didn’t set out to be a pirate.


I didn’t set out to fall in love with an angel.


I did both anyway.

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* A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

~ 5 Dreams Do Come True Stars ~

OMG!!! What an AMAZING read by L.A. Fiore!!!

Elusive is a captivating, intriguing and unique story that is filled with romance, love, lies, betrayal and heartbreak. This book will suck you in from the very first page and not let go until the very last word!! I LOVED every word of this story and I look forward to more in this series in 2018!!!

Elusive is the first book in L.A. Fiore’s Shipwreck Series. I honestly believe this is some of her BEST work to date!!! Her mind absolutely amazes me. I can’t even begin to know where a story like this comes from. It was raw and gritty and at times hard to read, but it also was an amazingly beautiful love story that spans over many centuries. I don’t want to say too much about the storyline, because the readers NEED to experience this story for themselves and unravel all the hidden things on their own.

This book is a standalone novel with NO cliffhanger and is told in Dual POV. There was so much to this book, I don’t think I can truly do it justice with my review. The characters were absolutely fabulous and I fell in love with all of them, with the exception of a few, and you will learn why that is as the story unfolds. This story was unlike anything I have ever read!! Totally unique and awe-inspiring. There were so many twists and turns I never got bored and I couldn’t put it down once I started. I thought Willow and Kace were very real and raw and relatable. I loved the look into the world of salvaging and pirating that Ms. Fiore gave us. You can tell this book was well researched. And the writing was phenomenal!!!.

So all I can really say at this point is take some time and pick up this book once it releases, and get swept away in Willow and Kace’s love story. You won’t be sorry!!! One of the best reads of 2017 for me!!!!






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logo L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including Beautifully Damaged, Collecting the Pieces and His Light in the Dark. Her favorite movie is Star Wars, a love her son shares. They hope to build their own Millennium Falcon one day. She would like to meet the Winchester Boys to thank them for enlightening her on the versatility of salt as not just a food enhancer, but as protection from supernatural threats. And she thinks it would be interesting to be a zombie, to get an idea of what life is like as a brain-addicted fiend so she can be their voice to tell their side of the story. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and kids, their two spoiled cats and their awesome dog.

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