♥♥ This is our general guideline for how we rate our books ♥♥


5 Stars!!

We loved this book!  Couldn’t wait to finish it and loved every moment of reading it.   One of the best books we’ve ever read, and may or may not have lost sleep over it. Very highly recommend it and recommend moving it to the top of your to read pile.


4 Stars

Really good book that we thoroughly liked and enjoyed.  I would say this is our most used rating because it means I REALLY liked this book, but there were just a few things about it that irked me.  With this rating we still highly recommend putting it on your TBR and reading it as soon as you can.



3 Stars

This book has all the makings of a really good book and was an enjoyable read but there were things we just couldn’t get past and kept us from loving it.  Such as plot holes, editing, or character development. But, of course, not enough to completely take away from the enjoyment of the book.  We would still recommend reading this book because in the end we still enjoyed it.



2 Stars

We, unfortunately, did not enjoy this book.  We don’t enjoy giving out 2’s, but if we found enough details or problems with the book to warrant this review, then we feel  the issues we found were enough to distract us from reading and enjoying it.  A 2 does not always mean you won’t like it, it just means we didn’t. I still always recommend people try it if they are interested, because we all have different tastes.



1 Star

We most likely would not write a review on a 1 star book. We would not be able to finish a 1 star book and we would state that on Goodreads when starring it. We all hope to never have to give a 1 star but unfortunately it comes with the territory sometimes.



***So, that’s the rating system. I like to keep it simple but sometimes we will also give ½ ratings in our written reviews. But we will always round up when we star on GoodReads, and Amazon.