SWEET SOUND OF SILENCE(So Much It Hurts Threeby Melanie Dawn
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Sometimes silence speaks the only truth.
Ryder Hawkley swallows his words the way he swallows his guilt. A life-altering tragedy keeps him locked away in a silent prison—a self-imposed punishment for a horrific mistake. His reputation…
Alexis Honeycutt arrives at college craving one thing—independence. Now, away from home and free from her family’s overprotection, she attends a party with friends that will ultimately change her life. The moment she spots Ryder Hawkley sitting across the room, Alexis is intrigued.
They whisper.
The intensity shimmering from Ryder’s haunting eyes beckons her, but Alexis vows to stay away from him. Only, she can’t seem to get Ryder’s unnervingly quiet stare out of her head.
Ryder is determined to ignore Alexis’s contagious smile the instant she strolls into the room. Despite his efforts, he is drawn to her and finds himself questioning everything he’d been holding on to for the past two years.
Although this book is part of a series, it CAN be read as a standalone. This book is intended for readers 17+ due to some language and mature themes.
Grasping the back of his neck, I pulled him toward me again. Despite his fury, he let himself get tugged into my space. His angry breath was hot on my face. His narrowed eyes bore holes into mine. And yet, there was something else—something indefinable. 
I ran my fingers through the soft hair around his hairline. His breathing began to slow, and the muscles in his neck began losing tension. When his lips parted, I thought he might say something. Instead, he glanced down at my lips then back up again. 
My mouth suddenly felt very dry, so I licked my lips. “To be here like this with you…” I moved closer to him, closing the gap between us. “To see the steps you’re taking for me….I just…I’m sorry…I just can’t help what I’m feeling. About you. For you. With you.” I held my breath for a second, partly thinking he’d fling me off of him and bolt for the door. But he didn’t. 
Instead, he reached up and curled a strand of my hair around his index finger, gently tucking it behind my ear. I watched out of the corner of my eye, anticipating the moment his fingers would graze my skin. When his forefinger brushed against the edge of my ear lobe, I shivered beneath his touch. A flash of heat pulsed through my body, lighting my insides on fire. The hair on the back of my neck stood at attention. Every nerve ending on my skin ached to be touched by his gentle fingers. He must have noticed me quivering because his stormy, brooding eyes flicked toward the delicate skin of my neck, where I could feel my heartbeat pounding in the hollow crevice between my collarbones.
The way he looked at me, craving something and yet denying himself the pleasure, made me feel light-headed. Kiss me already, my mind demanded. He looked at me like he could do much more than kiss me. The quickening I felt down below was proof that I’d let him.

*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*

5 beautifully silent stars!

To start I will say I have been a HUGE fan of this series from the very beginning!!! But, me being the reader addict that I am, I forget all the characters in every series I read, after time. So when I received the request to read Sweet Sound of Silence, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out who this book was about. And when it finally clicked, I said a very loud DUH!!! for forgetting Alexis.

“When she scales that wall, she’ll be a hero to all of us.”

Even though this is Alexis’s story, I felt like it was more about Ryder, though. It’s still her story too, but Ryder is the star of this story, in my opinion. His story proves that judging people just by their looks and actions is wrong. So very wrong, people!! Everyone has a story and until you know that story, don’t make assumptions!! As you can see, I feel strongly about this subject and this story touched me. I LOVED it for that reason. I have a huge problem with people judging others!!! Rant over 😉

“The world needed someone to listen, and these people around me didn’t even realize how much they were missing out on by blabbering all the time. I f they’d just shut the hell up on occasion, they’d appreciate the beauty in just….being.”

College life can be hard on it’s own, but Ryder’s college years are even tougher because of his past and the fact that he is silent. And Alexis, she is one of the most caring and compassionate college girls, who doesn’t fall into that trap of following the crowd. I LOVED that she went with her gut!!

“I’d learned to listen, not with my ears, but with my heart instead.”

Throughout this story we are given both Alexis’s and Ryder’s  POV’s. And honestly, both were amazing! I always enjoy being in the male character’s head, but in this story I loved hearing Alexis’s POV because of her description of what she saw in Ryder’s expressions. I am a firm believer that people’s expressions and their actions say so much more than their words, and reading this story really proved my point. Ryder might have not been able to tell her everything he was feeling, but he sure tried his hardest in a good way and a bad way to get his point across to her.

“And that’s when I realized maybe his anger wasn’t anger at all. Maybe it was fear. Or pain. Or sadness.”

This is a very touching story, and I know I have only talked about Alexis and Ryder because it is their story, but there are so many other amazing characters, also. It truly is a great bunch of characters to read about, and I was thoroughly entertained throughout this entire story. So much so that I read 75% of it in one sitting and almost had a mild heart attack at the end 😉 HeHe!!

This book and this series are absolutely Book Bitch approved and highly recommended!!!! Happy reading 🙂





Melanie Dawn is a thinker, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. She’s an avid reader who recently discovered her love of writing as well. When her head isn’t in the clouds, she spends her time as a a jack of all trades to her family. Melanie resides in the hills of North Carolina with her husband, her three children, and her cat.


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