The Grayson siblings are at it again—guilty of keeping secrets from each other when it comes to who they fall in love with. This time little brother’s best friend is the object of Riley’s affection and their intimate connection is impossible to resist. Riley Grayson—snarky, successful, lonely. She’s looking for Mr. Right, especially now that her younger, reformed man-whore of a brother is living out his happily ever after with her best friend. If Marcus can find true love, why the hell can’t she? Enter Beck Matthews, Marcus’s childhood best friend. He’s lovable, sexy, and oh, yeah—not single. But one night of drunken partying and wild sex with Riley and Beck may be rethinking his future. Has he been planning it with the wrong girl? Although these two can’t stay away from each other, it seems the ghosts of their pasts are holding them back from what they really want. Can Riley and Beck overcome the threat of shocking coincidences and unexpected events that will test their trust in one another? Find out if Beck’s love is strong enough to Keep Her.



Who knew so much drama could follow Riley Grayson around! With the way Keep Me ended, I was expecting Keep Her to go in a totally different direction than it did. And I loved it!!

“God, I was swooning over Beck Matthews. What the hell was wrong with me?”

Beck, Beck, Beck, AKA “Beckster”….I had a few choice words for him. And even Riley got me wound up a few times. The two were a train wreck in the communication department. And then Marissa, don’t get me started!! But most of my issues were Beck, though. He was too damn nice!!! If that really is a problem?!? But it was in this case. LOL

“We’d connected in a way I’d never imagined, and I owed it to myself, and to her, to see where it could go.”

I gotta say, I enjoyed Beck and Riley’s story so much more than Tessa and Marcus’. And I think it was because theirs is so much more relatable. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved Tessa and Marcus’ story, but Beck and Riley’s just felt closer to my heart. They are both just average people making a living and doing the day to day stuff like most of us are.

“Fucking Justin Timberlake and Riley Grayson. The combination of the two was a force to be reckoned with.”

Both had their issues. Beck’s being what I said above, he is too nice and tried to make everyone happy. Guess what, that can’t always happen. And Riley, she is a control freak and also wants to make everyone happy. So, this causes unnecessary secrets and hurt feelings…which made me CRAZY!!! But I loved it 😉 I can’t stand drama in my life, but I love it in the stories I read.

“You’re going to be very sorry when I explain myself. Those are words you can never take back. Horrible, hateful, untrue words.”

So, just like in Keep Me, this story is beautifully written. The flow is perfect, in my opinion, and it has the dual POV that always makes me a happy book bitch. I highly recommend you put this one on your mile long(cause I know all our to read lists are that long) to read list 🙂




Keep Her (Grayson Sibling Series) (Volume 2)

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