Devlin Ward was a ruthless man.
A man born among violence with a heavily burdened mind.
He wasn’t the sort of man fairy tales were made of, but he was sinfully beautiful, and addictively seductive.
Dark and dangerous, yet utterly alluring.
I’d fooled myself once, only allowing myself to see the beauty in him despite the shadows I’d glimpsed in his eyes.
When that darkness took over, I ran.
And now he’s found me.
He’d trusted me with his love and now he wants it back. And he’s all too willing to crush my heart to make his whole again.Juliana betrayed me.
Went against everything I believed in and pushed the monster I tried to keep hidden out into the open.
Our love was twisted—and I’d made it that way. But I wasn’t prepared to let it go.
I hunted her for years, picking up traces of her scent as she moved from city to city to escape me.
Now that I’ve found her, I’m not sure even her fiery light can brighten the blackout she left me in when she walked away.



*Review copy received for an honest review*

4 “crazy mess” Stars!

“Crazy mess” is the nice way of explaining this story. I am still trying to put some thoughts together about it. Devlin Ward pushed me to my limits with his form of “love.” This is one of those books where I read the females point of view and understood what she was saying, but didn’t totally agree with all her decisions. Hell, I didn’t even understand how she could have tolerated some of the things she did.  This was definitely a limit pusher for me. I am all about the bad boy, but Devlin Ward takes bad boy to a whole different level.

“The man was obviously sexy, rich, and powerful, but he was also dark, brooding, and cold.”

There are so many aspects to this story. We have Juliana Callahan who is living a life set by her father, and not the life she wants. Also, she has a past she would like to be able to forget. Then we have Devlin Ward who is….shall we say, different. He is exactly everything that the quote above states, and more! But don’t get me wrong, he is not all bad. He does have a few caring moments, but definitely not like the guys most of us are used to. Like I said, he is on a whole different level than most guys. And then we have the fact that Juliana and Devlin have a past…a past that Juliana doesn’t know about.

“I don’t devour, Juliana. I savor, lick the wounds I left behind, stake my claim, and make sure I save something for when the hunger strikes again.”

I know I say above that Devlin pushed my limits. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t thoroughly enjoy this story. Yeah, I didn’t agree with everything the characters did in this story, but that’s what makes it a story and kept me glued to my kindle. I NEEDED to know the past connection!! And I needed to know that these two very different people could make a very f’ed up relationship work!

In my opinion the author did a great job of just giving me enough information to sorta figure out the connection, without giving away the whole story all at once. She gave it to me piece by piece and that fed my need for more, but yet still kept me in the dark a little. Mystery…I like a little mystery.

This story flowed well. I can’t say I totally connected with the characters, and I would certainly hope not considering the circumstances. LOL!!  But the author, without a doubt, made me understand where these characters were coming from, in their actions.  It will give you a few WTF are they thinking moments, but those WTF moments are what made the story, for me 🙂

If you like the bad boy, then give Devlin a try and see if he is the kind of bad boy you are looking for 😉




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