Can a man and woman be JUST friends?

Shane Carlisle and Leah Kessel think so. They’ve been the best of friends for years—and quite content being just that; it’s their friends who don’t believe it. None of them can understand how two gorgeous, non-committed adults have never thought about crossing that line. Until a night of celebration, too much tequila and new found curiosity makes it impossible for Shane and Leah not to think about it. So together, they cross it—promising themselves and each other that nothing will change and that yes, a man and woman can STILL remain just friends.

That is, until everything around them begins to spiral out of control.

Plans they had once formed, vanish. Promises they once made, are broken. And their once easy and effortless friendship turns into…the complete opposite. Coming face to face with the consequences of their actions, Shane and Leah are once again challenged by the same question.

Can a man and woman be just FRIENDS?

Not when everything unexpected is thrown their way.



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 “In the cab, I wondered what color your panties were,” I tell her, looking back up to her face.  If my words shocked her, she’s hiding it well.  “Are they black to match?  White?  A color I’d be surprised by?”

With every question, I take a step closer and closer.  I’m excited when she doesn’t back away, thrilled when I see a hint of pink blush on her chest and turned on I’ve managed to get that reaction from her again so quickly.  “Are you going to show me, Comb?”

It takes everything she has to stay standing the way she is, unyielding.  I’m sure of it.  Her eyes glare, her posture straightening.  She takes one small step before her arms move back behind her back.  I hear the sound of a zipper coming down.  I exhale, not wanting her to see just how much that little sound affected me.  Confidently and without hesitation, her hands move to the waistline of her skirt and she slowly pulls it down, letting it fall around her heeled feet.  She stands in front of me now, clad only in that black lace bra and a pair of silk panties.

“Pink,” is all I can think to say.

“Pink,” she repeats.

One foot in front of the other, I come at her, one arm sneaking around her waist, the other to the side of her face.  This time when I kiss her, I use all the pent up attraction I’ve had for her for the last five years.  I kiss her for all the years I didn’t.  I kiss her so she knows that for the last five years, I’ve yearned for this, even if I didn’t realize it.  I kiss her for five years of neglected lust and ignored attraction.

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