Jake Oliver,
a typical guy, never expected to fall in love with his best friend’s girl. Jake
learned to love her from a far, he watched her constantly and supported her
Trish Wilson
thought she found the love of her life in Dylan, until tragedy struck and fate
decided for her when Dylan died in Afghanistan. Will she survive and get over
her fear to love again? Will she find her one? Will her heart ever truly heal?
The tragedy
that caused them great sadness also brought them together. Jake’s love for
Trish gave her the strength to overcome her fear to love again, while Trish’s
love pushed Jake past his guilt. However, when your soul mate’s life is at
stake, will they fold in fear or stand their ground? Will they fight to live or
prepare to give up? Will they allow fear to break them or will they let love
make them UNBREAKABLE.
“Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 

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~~ 5 “Unbreakable” Stars ~~

The title Unbreakable truly fits this story.  The love that Jake and Trisha had was truly put to the test in this book. (In more ways then one).

Being Gigi’s debut novel , I thought she did extremely well.  This story is beautifully written and well executed.  She was able to create a story and characters that you could relate to and couldn’t help falling in love with all of them.  This book is truly a test of ones emotions….quite the roller coaster.  One minute Gigi had me loving Jake and Trish and the next I was pissed at both of them and wanted to smack them both and tell them to wake up.  I also laughed, smiled, swooned, and cried.  This story truly had my feelings going all over the place.  I really felt like I was a part of this group of friends.  The bond of friendship that Gigi created with these characters is like no other….everyone wishes they had friends like these.  This was so much more than just a story about an  unbreakable love, but also a journey that 2 people went through to overcome some of the hardest things in life.  We totally watched these characters grow into such strong people through this book.  This story was told in dual POV and I thought that was the only way this story could be told.  You really needed to hear both sides of this story.  I also thought the writing style and flow of the book was amazing….flawless!!!  Gigi did an excellent job giving us enough information to make the story feel real, but not too much making the story drag on.

Like I said, the cast of characters in this book really make this story.  I love when an author can give us characters who you wish you knew in real life.  It’s makes the connection to the book so much more.  This book is mainly about Trish and Jake, but their BFF’s/Family members also help bring this story alive.  Jake and Trish have been friends for awhile.  They met through Trish’s then boyfriend Dylan, who was also Jake’s BFF.  Jake and Trish had an instant connection but because of Dylan they didn’t act on it.  Then something tragic happens to Dylan and Trish is left to pick up the pieces.  Trish leans on Jake for help to get over the tragedy.  Through this their connection grows stronger and they both realize they need each other and love each other.  The hopeless romantic in me loved their connection and love story.  Talk about sweet…Roxy (Trish’s BFF and Jake’s Cousin) would call them Tooth Decay. ( it totally fit ) but I LOVED it!!!!

“My love for you is endless, time nor space cannot change it, days won’t be measured by it, a lifetime is short compared to it.  I can’t measure it, even if I wanted to.  It’s immeasurable and unchangeable, it goes on forever; it will remain whole….unbreakable.”….Jake

I don’t want to say too much about the storyline because I think everyone needs to experience this book on there own.  I will forewarn you though, this book does deal with a tough subject matter.  You will definitely need tissues when you read this book.  But don’t worry the other characters in this story help with the comic relief to help lighten the mood of the book.  You will definitely have a smile on your face when you finish this book.  I LOVED the last 3 chapters of this book.  The epilogue was great too because it totally set up for the next book which will be about another couple 😉  I could go on and on about this book, but I don’t want to bore you with my rambling.  JUST READ IT!!!!

I would 100% recommend this book to EVERYONE!!!!  If you are looking for a sweet but emotional love story, then this is the book for you.  Read this book, you won’t be sorry!!!!!

“We’re each other’s gift.  A gift we’ll always cherish.  A love we’ll always protect.  A bond that will never be severed by anything or anyone….a bond that’s unbreakable.”….Trish



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The moment I lay my eyes on her, I know….I know she is my one. Her expressive eyes captivate my own, imprisoning my thoughts. Her angelic face shines like a beacon calling to me, and my heart is helpless to stop it. It answers its call only to be denied, swiftly. I never thought I’d experience the feeling most pussy men feel of ‘their world stopping’ when they see their soul mate, or whatever the hell they call it. My world definitely stopped…it stopped and fucking shattered to pieces since there is no way in hell it would ever happen because she’s taken. Not by just anyone…she’s with my best friend. What does that make me? I’ve been asking myself that since she got here. So, I suck it up and remain quiet, I stay away from her and try to blend in, until Dylan calls me.

“Jake, come here! I’d like you to meet Trish.” Dylan yells. There is no way I can avoid this.

I give Dylan a chin nod. “Hey, man. What’s up?”

“Jake, this is my precious Trish. Honey, my best friend Jake.”

She’s even more breath taking up close. She’s so petite with her long, silky, brown hair and expressive eyes that seem to see through me. Her flawless, delicate skin seems to glow against Dylan’s tanned arms, her kissable lips stretch into a magnificent smile that lights up my world and breaks my world, all at the same time.

“Hi, Trish.” I’m dying to hug her, but seeing my best friend’s smiling face full of pride stops me. I extend my hand, regretfully, settling for a hand shake.

Dylan releases her, and as she grabs my hand, the moment her skin touches mine, heat travels from my fingertips straight to my heart and shoots its way fast and hard to my dick. I can’t control myself; I pull her in for a hug. Against all logical reason, and against all odds, four words leave my mouth.

I whisper in her ear. “You are so beautiful.”

She rewards me with yet another heart stopping smile. I can’t look away, even when she does. She’s back in Dylan’s arms, and my heart aches. Brian nudges me and signals for me to go around back. We both excuse ourselves, and for the first time since Trish got here, I’m able to breathe properly.

Brian doesn’t waste time and confronts me right away. Obviously, he wants to nip this in the bud.

“What was that about, Jake?” His accusatory tone puts me in a defensive mode.

“What’s what?” I act as though I don’t know what he’s talking about. Fear slowly works its way up my body, straight to my stupid brain. If Brian noticed, did anyone else?

“Don’t mess with me. I saw the look you gave Trish. Don’t, Jake. Do not cross that line.” His eyes not leaving mine, his tone low interlaced with a warning.

I scrub my face with my hand. “Don’t you think I know? It’s just a stupid crush, alright? I’m sure a good fuck would fix it.”

I start laughing, while looking at Brian. I need to deflect this situation ASAP.

“You shouldn’t really talk, dude. You’ve been eyeing my sister, and not once have I stopped you, asshole!”

Brian told me a couple of months ago he wanted to date my sister, but he refused to make the move, only because he doesn’t want to mess with our friendship. He respects my dad and me, too much. Bullshit excuse if I’ve ever heard one. Plus, he said, that she’s older and might not want to have a relationship with a younger guy.

“Don’t go there, Jake. I told you how I feel about her, and why I refuse to make a move, besides she’s not with anyone. Trish is with Dylan. Do I need to remind you, he’s your best friend?” He forcefully asks, pointing his finger at me.

With my hands on my waist, I look at him, seriousness blanketing my face.

“Brian, what do you think I’ll do? I’m not going to deny I feel a different pull every time I look into her eyes…I can’t describe it. It’s as if I’m drawn to her, a force pulling me to her,” I start shaking my head. “But, I know my place, Brian. You know me, man. I won’t hurt D like that.”

He sighs. “I know, Jake. It’s just when I saw you look at her, I’ve never seen you look at anyone like that. It’s as if everything stopped. You couldn’t even tear your eyes away from her. Just pray Dylan didn’t notice it.”

As we walk back, my eyes search around, looking for her. She’s seated, sandwiched between Roxy and Tami. I could tell they love her, already. I notice Cody eyeing Roxy, and as I turn toward Brian, he too is looking at Tami, the same way Cody is looking at Roxy. Damn, all three of us are looking at three girls who can never be ours. I search for Dylan, but he isn’t around. Why would he not be attached to Trish baffles my mind. If I were him, I would be…like white on rice.

As my eyes wander back to Trish, I promise myself I will be a friend to her, no matter what. There’s no way I could not be around her. I am fucking doomed. How could I forget such a face, but most importantly, how could I deny the pull I feel for her…how can I stop it…control it? I don’t think I could break it, even if I tried….it just simply is… unbreakable.



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