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The Pleasure Room
by D.N. Simmons
Paperback, 324 pages
Published February 14th 2014 by Rushmore Publishing
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Felicity Summers is an ambitious reporter who’s trying to make a name for herself as a serious investigative journalist with the biggest newspaper in the city; the Chicago Word. When she catches wind of a rumor about the city’s mayor that might just be the hottest story of the decade, she jumps at the opportunity to expose the corrupt mayor and derail his chances at winning a second term. All she has to do is infiltrate a private BDSM club to catch him in the act. Simple right? Well, maybe it would have been if not for the club’s extremely dominant, gorgeous and charming owner, Sir Alistair Montgomery-Piers. He takes notice of her at one of the scenes and sees something in Felicity that he wants her to explore. Alistair makes her an offer neither she nor her body can refuse. Can Felicity stay focused on her mission long enough to get the proof for her top secret story, or will Alistair completely take over her heart, mind, body and soul?

*Reader Advisory. This novel contains the following warnings:
Adult Themes. Strong Sexual Situations. Lots of Foul Language. Hot, Naked Bodies. Sexy Accents. Lusty Toys That Make You Beg For More. And a Whole Lot of Other Naughty Things That Will Send Your Libido Into Overdrive… Are Your Ready To Unleash Your Desires?





* A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour *


~~ 5 Dominant Stars ~~


Holy Moley!!!!!! Talk about one HOT read.  I went in to this book not knowing really what to expect since I have never read this author before, but the blurb sucked me in and I was instantly intrigued.  I will admit that, yes, I thought it was going to be similar to 50 Shades of Grey (Which I LOVED by the way) and I am glad to say that, yes it had it’s similarities,  but it was a totally different type book.  The main similarity is the Dom/sub relationship that the characters enter into, but truly that is where the similarities end.  In some ways the Dom/sub BDSM theme of this book is what I expected 50 Shades to be like.  What I found amazing was that even with all the sex and BDSM aspects, there was still an amazing storyline and love story.  I am not one who normally likes a BDSM book that is to detailed or graphic, I tend to feel uncomfortable while reading those scenes, I have to say that NOT once did this book make me feel that way.  The BDSM scenes and scenarios were tastefully written.  You are given enough information to make them erotic to read but not bad enough to make you squirmy.


I think another thing that I really enjoyed about this story was that the heroine wasn’t annoying at all to me.  Yes she was skiddish in the beginning when entering this new world but she was also open to learning new things, but never lost who she was to start with.  She remained true to herself while finding out new sides to her personality (with the help of Alistair)  I loved that she was also trying to better herself professionally and when given the chance went for what she wanted.  As for Alistair….I have to say he can give Christian Grey a run for his money.  This man melted my panties on more than one occasion while reading this story.  He was Dominant to the core, but he also had a sweet and endearing side of him that truly melted my heart as well.  I thought Alistair and Felicity made an outstanding couple and truly complimented each other.  They were such a strong functioning couple.  I loved that even when faced with challenges they faced them together and didn’t let things break them apart.


We also met one other main secondary character in this story and that is Allison (Felicity’s BFF)  She was a hoot.  She was also not afraid to speak her mind.  She was an amazing friend to Felicity and co-worker.  I enjoyed watching these two interact and then how she interacted with Alistair once she met him.  She added a great comic relief aspect to the story.


So to recap, if you are looking for that spicy, steamy BDSM themed love story that actually has a really good story built into it, then this is the book for you.  I thought the writing style was fantastic.  The author did a great job developing the characters and storyline.  She also gave enough descriptions that made you feel like you were a part of the scene/story.  But she didn’t overload us with too much detail.  I will definitely be reading more books by this author and the rest of the books in this series.  This is listed as book 1 of the pleasure series but it is a completed story with a HEA ending.  So I have to guess any other books in this series will be about other couples.  I know I will be reading the other books in the future.  As well as I will be rereading this book again in the future.


This book is 100% Book B!tch approved!!!!




Have fun,” the bartender said, low enough for only her ears.

Um, thanks,” she said. Without further ado, she walked towards the back to the black door Gregory led her to before marked “Employees only”. She took her membership card and ran it through the card slot and the red light turned green and the door unlocked. She opened it and began making her trek up the two small flights of stairs. Once she reached the top, she parted the red velvet curtains, not sure what she was going to see this time around. She tried hard not to stand in the doorway like a deer caught in a set of headlights, but once again, her feet failed her. This time she didn’t have Gregory to guide her and she felt like she was teetering on the edge of a panic attack. Two scenes were going on at the same time. Hanging from a leather swing contraption was a beautiful and very naked blonde woman. Both her legs were spread wide, ankles bound by the straps on the swing. Her wrist were handcuffed to the other end of the swing and she lay helpless, exposed for all to see, while her female Domme spanked her breast teasingly with a leather crop. The other scene was another spanking. A muscular man, almost the size of the bouncer who’d let her in, was bound to that cross-shaped contraption and his female mistress was tearing into him with a leather whip. Each contact to his skin left red welts that the crowd appeared to approve of.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” a deep, caramel-smooth, British voice asked her from behind causing her to nearly jump out of her skin. So much for playing it cool.

Felicity turned around, ready to curse out whoever it was violating her personal space. But when her eyes trailed up his tall, powerfully built frame and locked on the jade-green gaze of the man before her, she lost her voice. His full, luscious lips parted in a killer smile that would make Don Juan envious. His jaw was strong and defined and made her want to run her fingers along the smooth lines. Everything about this man was sheer perfection. Never in her life had she seen a man so beautiful with such a presence, that it engulfed her. It frightened her and excited her. She immediately felt her nipples harden and the little things were betraying her through her bra and blouse. His eyes didn’t miss the show, either. They glided down her body, taking in her appearance from head to toe, lingering only but a second at her breasts. Long enough for his lip to quirk up at the corner ever so slightly.

W-what did you say?” was the only words Felicity could form at the moment. He ought to be grateful for that… or was it the other way around? she wondered.

I said they’re beautiful, aren’t they?” he repeated. That same sensuous, crisp accent slicing through her mental barrier like a hot knife through butter.

I—I don’t know what you mean,” Felicity manage to reply.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of his body, though tastefully clothed in a black buttoned-up shirt, with charcoal-gray flat-front pants and blazer. It wasn’t just the outfit that kept her captivated. It was how he wore it. It must have been tailored for him because it seemed to fit him like a glove. Again, she looked up at him and wondered just how tall he was. At five-seven, she wasn’t considered short, but he stood at least seven inches taller than her.

He smiled again and very gently placed his hands on her shoulders. “Just relax,” he said as he turned her back around to face the room. Slowly, he led her with a gentle push further into the room so that she was no longer blocking the doorway. He slid his hands down the length of her arms, taking her hands into his and crossing them over her chest as he held her close to him. She closed her eyes as she felt his powerful chest against her back, breathing in time with her as if they were becoming one.

Ah, ah, ah… don’t close your eyes,” he whispered into her ear, his lips delicately brushed against her flesh making her shiver with titillation.

Felicity opened her eyes, not even realizing she had closed them. She stared forward, watching the two scenes grow more intense. Now the woman trapped in the swing was lost in complete rapture as her mistress slapped the swollen folds of her pussy with the crop. After a few slaps, she rubbed the sensitive, inflamed flesh with her fingers as if soothing the sting. The woman in the swing struggled to squirm and it was obvious that she was attempting to press herself closer to her mistress’ fingers. Immediately, the mistress pulled her hand away and the whipping continued.

Disobedience will not be tolerated. That is the lesson there,” Alistair whispered into Felicity’s ear sending tingles down her spine so intense, she quaked again. He chuckled deeply in his chest, and she could feel the vibrations through her back.

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I was born in the little, but big bustling city of Chicago, Illinois. I still live there today, and loving every second of it … Except for those harsh cold winters. I started writing short horror stories when I was eleven years old. It wasn’t until 2004 that I decided to take the plunge into the professional literary world when I wrote Desires Unleashed.

I love the supernatural world, I’ve always found it fascinating, especially vampires and shape-shifters. It was my love of the genre that motivated me to create the story I had always wanted to read. I published it, hoping there were other people out there who would be entertained by that same story. I love to entertain people, to offer them that fantasy world they can escape into filled with wonders and good times. I know I appreciate the escapism I’ve delved into when reading a good book.

More about me, I’m a couch potato by nature, and I love watching great movies and television shows. I also love listening to music of all genres. Some of my other hobbies include rollerblading, biking, composing classical music, writing poetry, cooking, playing video games.

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