Julia Boyd has dated more than her share of jerks, and she’s done even pretending to like them. Putting her dating life on hold and focusing on her event planning career is a much safer bet for the blue-eyed blonde…until she meets her newest client.

Organizing the opening for an art gallery should be a breeze for Julia, but gallery owner Alex Holt is becoming very distracting. Tall and muscular with enough charisma and sexy dimples to make Julia swoon, Alex could be the perfect man. The two of them click immediately, creating enough witty banter to ignite sparks.

But just before flames of passion can erupt with Alex, Julia begins planning an engagement party…and learns the groom is Aiden, the man who broke her heart years ago. When Aiden admits that he still has feelings for Julia, everything changes. Should she seek shelter in the familiarity of the past, or should she risk everything on a brand-new love?

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What was I thinking?

Me calling Alex for not really a date, when in fact it’s a real date? I must have had a momentary lapse of reason. That or someone slipped a Mickey in my coffee when I wasn’t looking that all of a sudden gave me a pair of really big balls.

I’m a fairly upfront, outgoing, and honest person. I tend to say whatever comes to mind. Sometimes that gets me in a little bit of trouble, but for the most part, it’s a good thing. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Anyway, in all my years of being on the dating scene, I’ve never once asked anyone out on a date. I know it’s kind of a surprise to hear, but it’s true.

I’ve always been the one to be asked out on a date, not the other way around. I think because I’ve been programmed to believe that a woman should wait for a man to come to her. And that’s a great way of looking at it. Nothing wrong whatsoever with it. It’s laced with good intentions from both parties of the old-school romantic variety.

And maybe that’s one of my problems, along with the other issues that have been dusted up recently. I’m sitting here waiting around for some miracle of a man to step out of the shadows and sweep me off my Jimmy Choos instead of the other way around. Why can’t I be the pursuer for a change?

Oh, gee, that’s right. I almost forgot. It’s because it makes me feel like an idiot with a side of nervous wreck.



*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*

5 laugh out loud Stars!!

I LOVED this story!!! I loved Promise Me, too, but I loved Julia’s story in a different way.  And the first and most important reason why I loved it so much is Julia!! I just want to tackle hug her. She is freaking hilarious, and I could so picture her in my mind when she would get on her tantrums. But, I can’t give all the credit to Julia for making me fall in love with this story. Alex is just as awesome as she is…but in a different way. Alex has just the right amount of patience, romance, and alpha in him, to tolerate and add to Julia’s awesomeness.

“I knew it! Alex is a tits man, and  I feel so vindicated it’s not even funny. In my head I’m doing the Running Man to the tune of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push it” and giving myself a pat on the back.”  ~Julia

I don’t know if you all remember the characters from Promise Me, but Julia is Sabrina’s best friend and Alex is Sabrina’s previous boss, who had a crush on her. And I have to say, in the beginning I was a little weirded out by that, but it all falls in to place quickly 🙂 Julia and Alex’s relationship is rocky at times (like most new relationships), but mostly because Julia is trying to do what the title says…Playing it Safe. Who could blame her. Alex wanted to date her best friend in the past. I think that might break some kind of girl code or something 😉

“Mom, can I go out drinking with Julia?”  ~Josie

Oh wait!! I also forgot to mention Josie. Josie is Alex’s niece and one of the funniest and most adorable 10 year old girls. I knew as soon as Julia hit it off with Josie, that she was going to be a goner for Alex, for sure! But, remember that rocky part?? Yep, some past relationships cause a little trouble and a little drama happens. But, hey, if you put two awesome people together, you are sure to cause some jealousy 😉

“Fucking men! Jesus H. Christ, do they ever listen?”  ~Julia

So, to summarize my thoughts on this story, I LOVED it!! LOL! Playing it Safe made me laugh, made me mad, or maybe that was frustration, and definitely made me swoon 🙂 The pace was great and I was definitely drawn in at every chapter.  This author and this book come highly recommended by this book bitch!!





 Promise Me
Playing It Safe


Barbie Bohrman was born and raised in Miami, FL and ultimately moved to the Garden State where she currently resides with her husband and two children. Life, and all that comes along with it and having long since given up on her dream of pursuing anything in the writing world, a prologue contest in a book club garnered her interest enough to throw her hat in the ring to see what, if anything, would come from it. From that contest came the roots of her debut novel, Promise Me. When she is not writing you can find her trying to get through the 1000+ books on her Kindle, or watching Lost or Seinfeld.

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