Never apologize

Hard-edged rocker Graham Allen has it all. He’s flush with cash from playing bass in a band by night and restoring classic cars by day. And there are plenty of women willing to share his bed for a night, complication-free. Perfect, because if there’s anything he learned from his past, it was to never get attached—to anything. So when bartender Carly Sullivan flashes her innocent smile, Graham isn’t prepared for what happens next.

Never fall in love

Two rules, that’s all Graham has—never apologize and never fall in love. He knows Carly is everything he should avoid. Cheerful and sweet, she has “relationship” written all over her. But Graham can’t stay away from her probing questions and concerned blue eyes.

When Graham discovers Carly is hiding a crushing secret, he’s prepared to risk it all. Until in one single moment, everything changes and Graham’s past threatens to collide with his future. His life is crumbling down around him, and soon no apology in the world can save him.

He should’ve known to walk away.






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~~ 4 Stars ~~


No Apologies was an interesting story about two broken souls, just trying to make it the best they could.  I will say that I was attracted to this book because it was about a Rocker!!!  Who doesn’t love a good rock star book?!?!?  This book was really so much more then that, just Graham was in a band, but his life didn’t just revolve around just the music.  I really enjoyed this book, even though it frustrated me several times and I wanted to throw my kindle against the wall.  I thought the flow of the book was superb and the storyline was well written and developed.  This book kept my attention all the ay through, I actually had a hard time putting it down.  What I really loved about this book was that it was from Graham’s POV ( I LOVE the male POV )  It really was interesting living inside his head for this book.


Graham and Carly were truly broken souls.  Both had tragic events happen to them in the past, but the way they confronted their demons was completely different.  Graham turned to sex and alcohol to forget about his past and Carly just kind of closed herself off and had a hard time trusting people.  Although Graham gave her every reason imaginable not to trust him throughout this story.  Carly was a strong character and she was very likable.  I did think that she was too nice at times, God knows I would’ve kicked Graham’s ass to the curb a long time ago….LOL 🙂  Graham on the other hand was an infuriating character.  I hated him most of the time, but I also couldn’t help loving him.  I truly believed that under that hard exterior he was truly a gentle and loving soul.  He did eventually prove that as the story went on.  What I really liked about these two was that once they finally communicated, they both realized that it wasn’t all about fixing each other but loving each other for who they were…scars and all.


We do meet some interesting secondary characters, but Myles and Sam probably stood out the most to me.  Myles was Graham’s band mate and best friend and Sam was Myles’s girlfriend.  I loved that Myles had NO problem putting Graham in his place, but Myles really needed to concentrate on his own personal life when it came to Sam.  She was a saint too, to put up with some of the crap Myles shoved her way.  I also loved how she put Graham in his place as well.  Sam had an interesting relationship with Graham…it’s hard to explain, but you’ll understand once you read this book.


I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the rock star story.  This one will definitely have your emotions running all over the place.  The storyline is interesting and even has a few shockers thrown in there to keep you turning the pages.  Don’t forget to add this gem of a story to your TBR list 🙂



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Sybil grew up in Northern California with her head in a book and her feet in the sand. She used to dream of becoming a painter but the heady scent of libraries with their shelves full of books about wistful summer days and first loves drew her into the world of storytelling. Her true literary love is the New Adult genre but really, any story about a love so desperately wrong and impossibly beautiful, makes her swoon.

Sybil now resides in Southern Florida and while she doesn’t get to read as much as she likes, she still buries her toes in the sand. If she’s not writing or fighting to contain the banana plantation in her backyard, you can find her spending time with her handsomely tattooed husband, her brilliantly practical son and a mischievous miniature boxer who stole her heart.




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