You can’t help who you fall in love with.

Hope’s whole world is turned upside down when she’s forced to live with her estranged father, who she hasn’t seen in years. To make matters worse, she’s warned to stay away from the handsome young man living out back in the pool house.

Chance is running from his past; a past that would cause any father to judge. As sparks fly between him and Hope, they begin sneaking around to be together.

When their secret is discovered, Chance is sent away and Hope is left with a broken heart.

What happens when absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Find out in this hot romance brought to you from the Best Selling Author of The Mitchell Family Series.

This title is based on the story formally known as Hope’s Chance. Some character names and information has been changed/updated.

**Contains some adult content **



I pulled my hands away from her butt and hugged her.  Her mouth tasted salty from being under the water. My lips found the nape of her neck and then her shoulder, and as I kissed them she moaned. She kept her legs around me, but let the rest of her body hover. I held onto her back as she fell back in the water. My eyes focused her chest popping out of that suit. Her breasts were the only part of her floating above water, and the air was causing her nipples to harden.

“Mmm, you’re just teasing me now,” I groaned.

I took one of my hands and ran it across her wet stomach, stopping right before I got to her floating devices. She gave me a smile and sat back up against my body. “If there weren’t all these people around I would suggest we get busy out here.”

“They wouldn’t know anyway. You know I’m game.” I gave an eager nod.

“Chance! There’s no way. They would see our faces. I can’t keep a straight expression when you’re doing that to me.”

“You have got to stop saying shit like that. I’m getting hard as we speak,” I confessed.

She pushed herself away from me and began backstroking. I swam toward her and watched as she caught a wave and made her way into shore, only turning back to give me that tantalizing smile she knew made me crazy.

I had to stay in the water for a few extra minutes to get myself calmed down, but finally met her on the beach. She was holding the tanning oil, waiting for me to apply it. “Do you want to put this on me, or will it make you hard in front of all these people?” She teased, looking around to add to her game.

“Touching you in anyway makes me hard, Hope, but, you already know that,” I confessed




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~~ 5 “Love Conquers All” Stars ~~


I have been a HUGE Jennifer Foor fan since the beginning.  I have read all of her books and I can say without a doubt she is one of my all time favorite authors.  She is definitely an auto read for me.  I was thrilled to find out that she was  re-releasing a brand new version of one her earlier books (Hope’s Chance) with new material added.  That is the first book I read by her and is an all time favorite of mine.  Jennifer has a way of connecting her readers to her characters and making you feel like you’re a part of the characters lives and story.  This is no different.  I LOVE Jennifer’s standalone books…..there is just something about them.  This book is fairly long and might be considered a slower read, but to me it just worked.  She gave us a wonderful story of forbidden love and shows us how that if you just believe in love and your partner, it can overcome everything.


Hope and Chance are fabulous characters.  Hope was on the young side and she came off as a little naive, but she ends up being a truly mature woman by the end.  She finally realized what she wanted out of life and didn’t let anyone stand in her way.  I loved how she handled the whole Trevor situation.  I only wished she would’ve stood up to her father sooner, especially after what Trevor did.  Chance is just AMAZING!!!!  What a swoontastic Hero.  He was sweet, caring, patient, and understanding.  After what happened to him in his past, I can understand why he was broken and felt alone.  I loved watching him learn to love himself again and put his faith and love back into other people.  He always watched out for Hope and made sure she was safe.  He was never going to let anyone hurt her.  Hope and Chance had some major hurdles to overcome in this story, but I was glad to see that they were able to overcome them without the typical separation.  They worked through things together!!!!  To me these two were just such a sweet couple and I loved their love story.


Jennifer Foor can do no wrong in my opinion.  She always creates a story that will pull at your heartstrings and will also have you smiling, laughing, blushing and even crying.  Now this book wasn’t as steamy as most of her other books, but that is just fine….there is steam in this book but it is written as age appropriate and isn’t raunchy.  To me the sexy scenes just enhanced this already great love story.


So if you are looking for that forbidden love story that proves that love can stand the test of time, then this is the book for you.  Even if you read the first version Hope’s Chance this book is one you will want to pick back up and read again.  This is definitely a book you will want to read if you are a fan of Jennifer’s…..DEFINITELY a do not miss book!!!!






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Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She’s best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.

She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart.


WEBSITE: http://www.jenniferfoor.com/

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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/jennyfoor

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