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She’s the one who got away.

This time, he refuses to let her slip through his fingers.

Daniel Bennett has no regrets, except one: letting go of the woman he loved years ago. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he’s been pining for Caroline ever since. But his meddling family can read him like an open book. So when his sisters kick up their matchmaking shenanigans, Daniel decides to play right along. After all, he built his booming adventure business by making the most out of every opportunity. And he has no intention of missing out on opportunity to be near Caroline.

Determined to keep her heart in check, Caroline Dunne knows better than to fall for Daniel’s charms again–even though the man is a walking temptation. Everything from his sexy smile to his charming banter makes her toes curl and her heart throb. Even with their lives going in separate directions, neither can ignore the magnetic pull between them, or deny their connection. But will they find the second chance they’ve both wanted all along?




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~ 5 Second Time Around Stars ~

Every time I pick up a Bennett book it’s like coming home. I absolutely love this family and the ones that fall for them.

Your One True Love is the 8th Bennett book in the Bennett Family Series by Layla Hagen. Although each of these books are standalone novels and focus on a new couple, we do see other characters and couples from the previous books. So I would recommend reading this series in order. This story is told in Dual POV and is a complete story with NO cliffhanger. I loved the flow and pace of this story. Everything worked well and nothing was missing. This is a second chance romance and I loved every word of it.

In this book we follow Daniel and Caroline’s story. Daniel is Blake’s twin brother and owns his own outdoor adventure company. Caroline is a past love of his who is an elementary school teacher. Caroline and Daniel met back in college and started as friends and eventually turned into lovers. When college is over they were faced with different wants and needs. Forcing them to separate. Fast forward 10 years and they are now back in the same city and because Caroline is also friends with the Bennett women, they see each other a lot. Daniel is convinced he made a mistake all those years ago letting Caroline go. Caroline is nervous about getting back together with Daniel because he broke her heart all those years ago. Will Daniel and Caroline be able to start over again? Can they find their HEA?? What happens when secrets are revealed and real life interferes with their happy bubble?? Read this story to find out what happens with these two.

This story had a little bit of everything. There was humor, romance, sexy times, drama, and even some suspense. Just enough of everything to keep the readers interested. I know whenever I read about the Bennett’s I can’t help but get sucked into their family life. I look forward to reading Summer’s story.

As always it is great reconnecting with the whole Bennett family and seeing where Layla has taken each couple. I also enjoyed meeting Caroline’s family. Her dad and brother Niall.

If you are looking for that great family series that sucks you in and makes you feel like you are a part of the family….read this series. You won’t be sorry.







Read a Sneak Peek:

Wordlessly, Daniel picks me up, carrying me to the bedroom. How did I end up in his arms for the second time today? After breakfast, I was too sick to take it all in, but now… oh my, am I making up for that.

Every nerve ending where my bare skin presses against Daniel is perking up. The bits covered by the towel aren’t faring much better. A light shudder passes through me when Daniel lays me on the bed. To my dismay, he sits on the edge, pulling my left ankle in his lap, inspecting it.

“Does it hurt?”

“No.” I flex it a little, testing it out. “Definitely no sprain, but I’m going to have bruises tomorrow all over my left side. I think you bring me bad luck. I seem to have all sorts of accidents when I’m around you. First I nearly sprained my ankle at Blake and Clara’s wedding, and today—”

“You scared ten years off my life today.” Daniel shakes his head, putting my foot back on the mattress.

He’s frowning as he shifts his weight until he sits right next to my hips. I don’t like that frown one bit, but then I remember Daniel isn’t mine to make happy. Still, I can lighten up the situation.

“Hmm, now that you mention it, I can see two white hairs. Weren’t there before. Must have sprouted while I was asleep.”

Reaching out, I’m aiming to touch a random spot on his scalp, but somehow end up running my hand through his hair. Damn it, he’s not mine to touch. Why do I keep forgetting this?

My heart thumps wildly when I realize Daniel’s leaning into my hand as if… as if he’s been yearning for my touch as much as I’ve yearned for his. Has he missed me just as much?

I barely formulate the thought when he grabs my hand, kissing the inside of my wrist. I feel the contact reverberate through my entire body until my center is on fire. Goose bumps erupt everywhere on my skin, and I have no way to hide them. Daniel’s pupils dilate. I’m not the only one who is aroused.

“You look even more beautiful than I remember, Caroline.”

I shake my head. “I’ve put on weight.”

“You’re perfect. You’re—”

Daniel doesn’t finish the sentence. Instead, he leans over, sealing his lips against mine. Oh God, his lips. They’re so warm and feel so, so good against mine that I fist his shirt without thinking, pulling him even closer, scooting over to one side, making space for him.




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Layla Hagen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

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She writes steamy and romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world.

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