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•*¨*•.¸ Witness Blog Tour •*¨*•.¸

By Rachael Orman



I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see.

Married someone I shouldn’t have.

But I got away.

It’s been five years but I think my time has run out.

People aren’t who they seem.

Things aren’t how they look and I’m finding out the hard way that my life is no longer my own.













There was a tiny chance he’d forgotten about me and wasn’t looking for me anymore. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Men like him didn’t just forget, not when it was their wife. Not when it had been the woman who’d been in their life for seven years that testified about a murder they’d witnessed them commit, which ended up in them getting a life sentence. He’d never be getting out of jail, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t still have contacts on the outside that would seek out his revenge.

I shivered at the thought and decided that I was too tired to make such an important decision. Pulling out of my spot, I drove to my apartment. The laundry and grocery shopping I normally got done would just have to wait. After a little nap, I could tackle those tasks and think things through some more.

I parked in my normal spot, retrieved my bag from the backseat and slid my gun into the back of my pants. As I climbed out, I was surprised to see Sheriff Aaron slowly driving by.

“Hi there,” he said with a wave.

I nodded at him and turned away; I wasn’t in the mood to deal with him. After locking the front door and putting the quilt and chair in place, I dropped the bag and kicked off my shoes. All I wanted was to get to my bed and pass out for a few hours.

However, all thoughts of sleep fled my brain when I noticed the window in my room was open and the curtain was blowing in the slight breeze.

“Don’t scream,” Eric’s deep voice spoke softly right next to my ear as a thick arm wrapped around my waist and a hand slid over my mouth.









* A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour *

~ 4 Quick Read Stars ~

Witness is my first read by Rachael Orman and I am happy to say it won’t be my last.

This book packed a punch for such a short and quick read. Now just because I say it’s a short and quick read, please don’t let that deter you from reading this little gem. It truly had everything a full length novel has, just at a faster pace. Rachael gave us an interesting and suspenseful storyline and great characters, that even though we don’t a full background on them, we learn enough to still make a connection with them.

I think my only complaint for this book would be that the it was too short…I wanted more!!!

This review is going to be short and vague, because I don’t want to give too much away and also the book is not very long. This story revolves around Allegra. She is a waitress that lives in a small town. This is her new life!! Five years earlier she witnessed something she wasn’t meant to and was forced into witness protection and given a new identity. That is until a sexy stranger shows up at the diner she works at and sends her world into a tailspin. Read this book and find out how it all turns out for Allegra….can someone ever really be free from the mafia???

This book kept me guessing all the way until the end. Even the characters kept me guessing. I couldn’t figure out who was good and who was evil. Not everything is as it seems. I found myself having trouble putting this down until I was finished with it.

So if you are looking for that short read that still packs as much of a punch as a full length novel, this is the book to read!!! It had it all….drama, suspense and steamy sex scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I am glad I took a chance on a new author!!!


















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When she isn’t spending all her time writing dirty, sexy, naughty erotic romances, she is narrating audiobooks and helping run a LBGT blog.


Rachael loves to push herself to write new things so her books vary from heterosexual romances to gay/lesbian romances to menage romances… She couldn’t
imagine writing outside of the romance genre since that’s what life is all about.. Love, sex, happiness.


She is a full supporter of the LBGT community and equality for all.


Please connect with her as she loves to know that people appreciate the time and energy she puts into each story.


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