Title : Push

 Series : (Push #1)

Author : Claire Wallis 

Published by: Harlequin MIRA

Publication Date: May 1st 2014

Genres: New Adult, Romance




I feel like I am wrapped in a cyclone. Everything is whirling around me, drawing the air out of my lungs and filling me with the best kind of turmoil. Every time his tongue slides against mine, a prickle in my gut tells me how right we are together. How much I need David. How much I need us.

I hope the cyclone never stops.

Emma Searfoss has spent a lifetime trying to escape her abusive stepfather. It’s why she moved far away from home. It’s why she’s kept no ties with her remaining family. And it’s why she’s got a major rage problem. When her neighbor shows up to fix the kitchen in her new apartment, his enigmatic charm calms the fire in her. David is cool and collected, and he makes Emma feel safe for the first time ever. But David has his own chilling past—his six previous girlfriends have all disappeared without a trace. Emma’s walking a dangerous line, but David’s pull is intoxicating. And impossible to resist…



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~ 4 WTF Stars ~

Wow…..What did I just read???

I don’t really know how to express my thoughts or review this book. This was so much more than just another New Adult Romance book. It honestly was more like a psychological thriller. This story will play with your mind and your emotions. We have all the components of a usual NA book…Two 20 something characters who are broken from past experiences that fall for each other, but what makes this storyline unique and all it’s own, is how this story is told and all the information we learn along the way.

This story was truly a captivating, unique and sexy read. You can’t turn the pages fast enough. This book was written unlike any other I have read. It is told primarily from Emma’s POV, but we do get some other POV’s from David’s past. That was interesting to say the least. The author also does flashback chapters to reveal Emma’s past, we get to see her from young age up to her current age. My biggest negative about this story was that I thought there was just a little too much sex in the story ( I know I can’t believe I am saying that….lol ) But at times I felt it was distracting to the story. I didn’t think it was needed as much as was in the book. I also thought that we kind of got overloaded on the information in the story. At times I felt the pace of the story slowed down because we were told just too much. The author could’ve have cut out some of it, to make this a little shorter or faster paced and we still wouldn’t have missed anything. With that being said…..I still thoroughly enjoyed the book and story.

WARNING : For any of you who might not know yet….this book does end on a CLIFFHANGER!!! It is a major one, but don’t panic because the second book Pull is already out and you can just fly right into that book to continue the story. Just make sure you have the next book already downloaded and ready to go, because you are going to want to know what happens.

In this book we meet David and Emma. As per my usual, I won’t be discussing the storyline at all, because I really can’t. I did on the other hand really like these characters. They were both so broken and screwed up due to past situations, but together they worked well together. Emma was a fantastic heroine….she was sassy, strong and fierce. She didn’t take any crap from anyone. She was very straight to the point and I loved that. As for David….I have a love/hate relationship with him. I did love him, but with everything I knew about him I know I shouldn’t. When he is with Emma he is amazing. It’s everything we learn about his past and things he has done that make me not like him at all!!!! It’s hard to explain, so I will just say read this book!!!!

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for that NA love story that has a twist and is unlike anything I have read out there. This book will definitely keep you guessing and on your toes. If you are a reader who likes a story that is slightly on the disturbing side, then this is the one for you!!!!




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Claire Wallis has penned hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles over the last ten years, with science playing the lead role in almost all of them. Though non-fiction writing will forever be her first love, fiction has unexpectedly swooped in, hooked her by the soul, and become her true love. As a result of this coup d’état, Claire’s writing career has made a complete U-turn, and instead of rocks, plants, insects, and microbes, she is now putting human characters in the lead.

Claire’s previous jobs include working at a limestone quarry, hawking vegetables at a farmer’s market, clerking at the dollar store, and convincing new mothers that they need to renew their subscription to that parenting magazine in order for their child to survive. She lives in Pennsylvania with her amazingly awesome husband and son.


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