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If You Were Mine

by Melanie Harlow

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Theo MacLeod wasn’t supposed to be the one.

Tall, dark and handsome suits me just fine, but the cocky grin, know-it-all attitude, and mammoth ego? No thanks. I only hired him so I wouldn’t have to sit at the singles table again. It was just pretend.

He wasn’t supposed to kiss me.

My heart wasn’t supposed to pound.

We weren’t supposed to spend the night together—the hottest night of my life.

One night turns into a snowed-in weekend away, and even the blizzard of the century can’t cool the fire between us. I can’t get enough—of his smile, of his body, of the way he makes me feel.

We’re nothing alike. He’s a daredevil, and I’m a nervous Nellie. He’s a drifter, and I want to put down roots. He’s an opportunist with a checkered past, and I’m a Girl Scout volunteer.

But none of it matters when I’m in his arms.

I know he’s made mistakes. I know his wounds are deep, and he doesn’t trust easily. I know he doesn’t believe he could ever be enough to make me happy, but he could.

All he has to do is stay.




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~ 5 Nervous Nellie Stars ~

I loved If You Were Mine!!! This has to be my favorite Melanie Harlow book to date!!!

If You Were Mine is a companion novel to Man Candy and After We Fall. Each book can be read as a complete standalone novel, but if you are a person who loves to read books in order then you should definitely start with Man Candy. You will see reoccurring characters in this book from the previous books. These books all revolve around three best friends who are just trying to find love and happiness.

In If You Were Mine we follow Claire’s story. She is the best friend of Jaime (Man Candy) and Margot (After We Fall). I loved her character because she kind of reminded me of myself a little bit. certain things really hit close to home for me. She was a nervous nellie. Afraid to take a chance and put her heart on the line. She is definitely afraid of rejection and not just when it comes to men.

In this story Claire is invited to a co-workers wedding and doesn’t have a date. Dreading sitting at there “singles” table again, she sets out to find a date. Which leads her to the website Hotties 4 Hire, which leads her to Theo. I absolutely LOVED Theo. He was funny, sarcastic, swoony and overall just really lovable, but he had his issues. Having been raised in a poor household and both of his parents leaving him and his brother when they were young, he has serious trust issues. Believing in the long run everyone leaves. I loved watching him grow throughout the story and getting to know everything about him. I loved seeing his vulnerable side. Even though I wanted to smack him a couple times throughout the story.

Theo and Claire have amazing chemistry and I loved watching them together. I think they truly brought out the best in each other. Will Theo be able to get past his past and open his heart to Claire?? Can he learn to trust people, that they won’t leave him in the long run?? Can Claire finally learn to love herself and take some risks?? Read this book to find out.

If You Were Mine was an fun and entertaining book, but also full of heartfelt emotion. This book will make you laugh, cry, yell, swoon and fall in love. I truly couldn’t help getting swept up into this story. The writing was fantastic as always and I thought the storyline was interesting enough and filled with just the right amount of angst and drama to keep me reading well into the night.

If you only ever read 1 of Melanie Harlow’s books….let it be If You Were Mine. I think this book is her at her best!!! I know I will be reading this book again in the future.






A guy in a black leather jacket set a coffee cup down on the table and sat opposite me.

I looked over at him, feeling slightly awkward since I’d have to tell him he couldn’t sit there. He was handsome, with warm brown eyes and short dark hair, but he wasn’t Fred. “I’m sorry, I’m waiting for someone,” I said. “But I can move.”

To my surprise, he smiled confidently. “Claire, right? I’m Fred.”

I screwed up my face. “You can’t be. Fred has blond hair and blue eyes. I saw his picture.”

He laughed, almost condescendingly. “I don’t use my real picture, Claire. People are crazy.”

What? This made no sense. “I don’t understand. How can you advertise yourself with someone else’s photo? Don’t women get mad when you show up?”

He shrugged, his grin turning a little cocky. “Haven’t had any complaints so far.”

Actually, he was more attractive than the photo he’d used online—more rugged and masculine, with his scruffy jaw, big shoulders, and brawny chest. Meeting the real Fred was kind of like ordering the chicken piccata and being brought the Porterhouse, which hadn’t even been on the menu.

But that wasn’t the point.

(And I’d described someone completely different to Elyse.)

“So, what, you use a fake photo to lure potential clients and then you set up the coffee meeting to check them out first?” I asked indignantly.

“Wouldn’t you?” He shrugged out of his jacket. “It’s a scary world out there.”

I crossed my arms, sitting up tall. “No! That’s a scam. I don’t like scammers.”

“No, it isn’t. I don’t take any money from them. I don’t even talk to them, I just leave.”

Frowning, I said, “That doesn’t seem right to me. These people are willing to pay you to hang out with them and probably feel bad enough about themselves already, and you just walk out without even giving them a chance?”

He shrugged. “Look, if it makes you feel any better, I’ve only walked off a job once, and that was because I thought I recognized the woman. I prefer to keep my personal and professional identities separate. That’s fair, isn’t it?”

Professional identity? He was a rent-a-date! I shook my head in disbelief. “Is your name even Fred?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes,” I snapped. “How am I supposed to know what to call you?”

He grinned as he leaned toward me and lowered his voice. “Call me anything you want. You’re the boss.”

Was he flirting with me or making fun of me? I cleared my throat and pressed my knees tighter together. “I’d like to call you by your actual name, please. Bad enough I have to pay someone to play my fake boyfriend. I’d like something to be real, at least.”

He held his eyes steady on mine for a moment. I felt like he was sizing me up, trying to decide if he could trust me, so I stared right back without blinking. If anyone at this table was trustworthy, it was me.

“Theo,” he said quietly, his eyes dropping to my lips for the merest fraction of a second. “My name is Theo.”

There. Was that so hard? I smiled at him before picking up my latte.“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Theo.”

“What, you’re just going to believe me? You’re much too trusting, Claire. I bet people take advantage of you.”

I set the cup back down on the saucer with an angry clank. “Is your name Theo or not?”

“Shhh, it is, it is,” he said, laughing. Then he glanced over his shoulder like he was in the fucking CIA. “But I don’t give that out to just anyone. You should feel special.”




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Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her heels high, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she’s not writing or reading, she gets her kicks from TV series like VEEP, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Homeland. She occasionally runs three miles, but only so she can have more gin and steak.

Melanie is the author of the HAPPY CRAZY LOVE series, the FRENCHED series, and the sexy historical SPEAK EASY duet, set in the 1920s. She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and pet rabbit.


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