Craving Midnight by A.M. Hargrove
Release Date: November 2nd, 2017

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She’s a starlet with secrets. He makes scandals go away. Together, they’ll make sparks fly…

Midnight Drake’s squeaky clean reputation has suddenly taken a nosedive. She’s horrified after she wakes up naked from a drugged stupor, but the worst is yet to come. She just found three sex videos of the night she has no memory of on her phone. Midnight wonders if the videos will be leaked to destroy her career…

Harrison Kirkland cleans up Hollywood’s sordid messes for a living, and he’s never met a scandal he couldn’t contain. But when he’s assigned to fix the sultry Midnight’s problems, he never expected to get dragged in after her…

Behind Midnight’s diva exterior, Harrison discovers a mysterious woman with a web of secrets he can’t untangle. The deeper he’s pulled into her world, the stronger his desire for her grows. If he’s not careful, the next heart that’ll need fixing… will be his…







A veil drops over her eyes and the laugh disappears. Whatever happened in therapy opened up too many old wounds she won’t show me. Right now, anyway. Then I think about what just took place between us, and I question my own sanity. What the fuck was I thinking? Sex and business should never mix. I broke one of my cardinal rules. I didn’t just break it, I pulverized the damn thing, and it’s now scattered into dust. Maybe I should pretend it didn’t happen.

But I can’t do that. And why? Because it was the most epic sex of my life. And it was with Midnight, someone I’ve developed feelings for. How the hell did that happen?

Leaning down, I take my tongue and give her pussy one last, long swipe. Then I stand and go into the bathroom to dispose of the condom. When I’m done, I pick up my discarded clothes and get dressed. Her eyes practically burn through the skin on my back, which isn’t exactly the most comfortable feeling.

Before I leave, I walk next to the bed. “I’ll be back tomorrow around the same time. And don’t tell me you didn’t like what happened between us. If you do, I’ll call you a fucking liar,” I say. I want to kiss her, but I don’t. Instead, I tug at one of her nipples and the response is immediate. She sucks in her breath and my dick twitches in my pants. I have to get out of here before I strip off my jeans and push said dick back inside her swollen pussy. I’m pretty fucking sure she’d be willing too.

On my way out, she says, “Tomorrow, I want Italian. Make it spaghetti Bolognese. And find a place that serves the best. If you’re going to fuck me like this, I need to keep up my strength.”

The corners of my mouth curve up. “Yes, ma’am. Anything else?”

“Yes. A bottle of Barolo, a Caesar salad, and some great bread. You pick the bread. And butter, none of that olive oil. Bread needs butter.”

“Demanding, aren’t you?”

“Not at all. You have the opportunity to choose your own entrée because I never share.”

I chuckle. “Dessert?”

“Surprise me.”

I’d like to surprise her, but I don’t think I have a single trick up my sleeve that she hasn’t seen or experienced. That should bother me, but it doesn’t. At least not yet.








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~ 5 Intriguing Stars ~

Craving Midnight was everything I expected and more….so much more!!! I have loved these Crestview Guys since meeting Weston in A Special Obsession. But I think Harrison is my absolute favorite.

This book was a different side to A.M. Hargrove’s writing. She took us a little darker and grittier then she has in her past books. I loved this side of her writing. I will warn you she does touch on some serious subjects and some things might be hard for some people to read or could be triggers….just know you’ve been warned. Don’t get me wrong she handles these subjects with grace and tact and nothing is overly graphic…she leaves a lot to the readers imagination.

This book had everything I hope for when I pick up a book. She gave us some laughs, edge of my seat drama, love, romance and heartbreaking emotions. This book was the perfect mix of everything. It wasn’t overloaded with excess drama or sex it all just balanced really well giving us an amazing 5 star read!!. I thought the flow and pace of this story was perfect. There were many times I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I had to know what would happen. I loved she added a little bit of a suspense aspect to the story. She kept us guessing about Midnight’s past even though she dropped hints throughout the story, but my heart broke when it all came to light. The author was also able to take me by surprise…I didn’t see something coming and then BAM!!! It was perfect timing on let it slip.

Craving Midnight is a standalone novel told in Dual POV. It is a complete story with NO cliffhanger. You don’t have to read any other book to enjoy this story, but this book is a companion to A Special Obsession and Chasing Vivi. You will see the characters from those books in this story but nothing is spoiled for those books and you won’t be missing anything if you start with Craving Midnight.

This story’s focus is on Harrison and Midnight. I won’t be talking much about the storyline because this is a story that needs to unfold for itself. Harrison is the last friend of Weston and Prescott (The Crestview guys) All three of them went to school in their younger days. Harrison is known as the fixer of the group. He always tries to find a way to fix things, so he started a company to do just that. Midnight is an up and coming movie star who just landed her first big movie deal. So when something horrible happens to her, she is forced to hire Harrison to help fix things. What we get from here is a story of healing, suspense, action, some steamy sexy times and a whole lot of love. This is definitely a story you are going to want to read.

I loved both of these characters. Harrison is my absolute favorite. He was tough when need be, but sweet and swoony at times too. Yes he is the typical male and I wanted to smack him at a certain point, but I still love him all the same. Midnight was an amazing heroine. She was broken, but strong also. Everything she went through, any normal person would’ve broke a long time ago. I loved her strength and resilience. I wanted her to be my best friend!!

I don’t think I can rave enough about this book and cast of characters. I also didn’t think my words can do this story justice. This is for sure going on my Best Of 2017 list. I would 100% recommend this book to all readers!! It’s a book you won’t want to miss!!!








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One day, on her way home from work as a sales manager, USA Today bestselling author, A. M. Hargrove, realized her life was on fast forward and if she didn’t do something soon, it would be too late to write that work of fiction she had been dreaming of her whole life. So she made a quick decision to quit her job and reinvented herself as a Naughty and Nice Romance Author.

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