Come Back to Me by Mila Gray
(Come Back to Me, #1)
Published by: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: December 8th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance








In this heart-wrenching tale of love and loss, a young Marine and his best friend’s sister plunge into a forbidden love affair while he’s home on leave.

When a Marine Chaplain knocks on her door, Jessa’s heart breaks—someone she loves is dead. Killed in action, but is it Riley or Kit? Her brother or her boyfriend…

Three months earlier, Marine Kit Ryan finds himself back home on leave and dangerously drawn to his best friend Riley’s sister, Jessa—the one girl he can’t have. Exhausted from fighting his feelings, Kit finally gives in, and Jessa isn’t strong enough to resist diving headfirst into a passionate relationship.

But what was just supposed to be a summer romance develops into something far greater than either of them expected. Jessa’s finally found the man of her dreams and Kit’s finally discovered there’s someone he’d sacrifice everything for.

When it’s time for Kit to redeploy, neither one is ready to say goodbye. Jessa vows to wait for him and Kit promises to come home to her. No matter what.

But as Jessa stands waiting for the Marine Chaplain to break her heart, she can’t help but feel that Kit has broken his promise…

Riley or Kit? Kit or Riley? Her brother or her boyfriend? Who’s coming home to her?




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~ 4.5 Stars ~

Come Back to Me is my first Mila Gray book and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed with this book at all. This story brought out all my emotions. I laughed, cried, loved and even yelled. This book was full of the “feels”

I thought the writing style of Ms. Gray was great. She created characters that I was invested in and fell in love with right from the beginning. I thought the storyline was interesting enough that it held my attention throughout the whole book. I will say she grab my attention with that little cliffhanger in the beginning of the book. I almost couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see how the story played out. I thought the way she handled a tough subject like PTSD was well done. You could see she put a lot of effort into giving us an accurate portrayal of that disorder.

My only complaint with this book is that I thought the ending of the book was rushed a bit. I thought what happened at the last 25% of the book could’ve been expanded on, so that the ending would’ve been a little bit more believable. I can’t really explain my thoughts thoroughly about this because it would be a spoiler. You’ll understand what I mean once you read this story. Which I highly recommend that you do.

I loved that this was a forbidden love story between a girl (Jessa) and her brother’s best friend (Kit). I am always a sucker for these types of romance stories. What I loved too was the mushiness of the story. I am sucker also for the over the top cheesy type love story. There is just something about them that just melts my heart. I loved Kit and Jessa together.

I don’t know what else I can say, except READ THIS BOOK!!!







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Mila Gray is the pen name for Sarah Alderson, author of Hunting Lila, Losing Lila, The Sound, Fated and Out of Control.

Originally from London she has lived in Bali for the last four years with her husband and daughter.

As well as writing young adult fiction under the name Sarah Alderson and adult fiction under the name Mila Gray, she also writes screenplays.

You can find out more at and on facebook:

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