Karma by Charity Ferrell
Publication date: June 6th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


I’m cursed. Yes, cursed and this isn’t some paranormal fantasy. This is my real life. Karma has decided to last out on me. I’ll never find my true love and I’m learning to accept that. The only problem is; he isn’t. He’s starting a war with karma and everyone knows karma always fights back with a vengeance.

Gabby Taylor is screwed. On her first day at her new internship, she runs into the guy she’s been fighting to avoid. The one guy whose family despises her and she drunkenly gave her virginity away to. And he’s her new co-worker.

She is messing up everything Dalton Douglas has planned. She climbed her way into his thoughts, thrown her bags down and he could’t manage to evict her- even if it cost him everything he’s been
working his ass off for. The only problem is: she’s fighting him. He will fight to keep her but can he manage to hide his own secrets that would ruin everything between them?


* A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour *


~~ 4.5 Stars ~~


Karma is the second book by Charity Ferrell.  Now even though this isn’t a series, we are introduced to one of the MC in Charity’s first book Beneath Our Faults.  So knowing that going into Karma, I personally chose to read her debut book first.  That way I got the full feel of Gabby.  I will say that it is NOT necessary to read Beneath Our Faults first.  The story lines are completely separate and you really only get to see who Gabby is in the book.  I don’t feel that it would confuse or make you feel like you are missing anything if you choose not to read BOF first.  Charity does an amazing job of filling in who any of the extra characters are.


I will say that I am glad I stumbled onto Charity’s books.  I really loved her debut book and I also really enjoyed Karma.  I love Charity’s writing style, she does a great job of creating stories that suck you in.  She adds just enough drama and angst to keep the book flowing and to make you want to continue to turn the page.  I will say that I had a hard time putting either of her books down.  I read Karma in one day!!!  I liked that she added the element of mystery to this story.  It kept my mind engaged and had my trying to figure things out along the way.  I really only had two minor complaints about the book and why I couldn’t give this book 5 stars.  One was that this book does end with a Cliffhanger.  I personally don’t like them, but I am okay with it if I know about it before reading the book.  Her debut novel didn’t have a cliffhanger, so I had no reason to believe this book would either.  I like where the story ended and I will definitely be reading the next book, because I have my theories.  The other minor issue was something the Hero does in this story.  I can’t say anything without it being a spoiler, but it was something I just didn’t agree with, even if I understood why it was in the story.  With those two things mentioned…I still really enjoyed this book and will continue on with this series and read other books by this author.


Like I said we meet Gabby in Beneath Our Faults.  I loved her in that book and was glad to see she got her own story.  Gabby was full of vinegar and sass and I LOVED it!!!!  She told you what she thought no matter what.  She didn’t let anyone push her around.  With that said she did grow up without a father, so she has some serious daddy issues and she also has a trust issue.  She truly believes she is cursed and that Karma is getting her back for the mistakes her mother made.  My heart broke for Gabby when she felt she didn’t deserve to be happy and that she would never find the love of her life like her friends.  I will be interested to see where the author takes this character in the next book, I am just hoping with the way this book ended, she isn’t going to turn this story into a love triangle 🙁  As for Dalton….I liked him, but I really had a love/hate relationship with him.  I thought he was charming and sweet and definitely knew how to talk dirty, but I also thought he was an ass for things he did in this story.  I truly wanted to junk punch him in the end.  He really was being kind of stupid!!!!  I am hoping that changes in the next book.


It was great to see some of the old characters from the first book (Cora, Lane, Daisy and Keegan)  They always add a great element of humor to these stories.  Cora and Daisy truly are the best friends ever girl wishes she had at 18.  We also got to meet some new characters, some I loved and some I hated.  I loved Asher (Gabby’s stepbrother) right from the beginning.  He was such a sweetheart.  I am excited to see what happens with him in the next book.  As for the other new characters….the Douglases!!!!  They can all rot in H**l for I care.  They are all evil, except for Dalton and Leo (Dalton’s brother)  I truly hope they get what’s coming to them by the end of the next book.  I know I sound vicious but this family is horrible.


I would definitely recommend this book.  I thought it was a fun, and sexy read with some added mystery to it.  The next book is due to release in September 2014 so there isn’t too long of a wait if you don’t like cliffhangers.



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Charity Ferrell was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and still resides there with her future hubby and furry, four legged children. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, caving into her online shopping addiction or spending time with her family.



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