Title: Unspeakable Truths
Author: Alice Tribue
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: September 16, 2014



‘Happily Ever After’ doesn’t always mean forever…

It doesn’t mean shit.

I lost my husband hours after I married him, hours after we’d just promised each other the world and said “I do.” I was Mrs.Tyler West in a gorgeous white gown one day, and a sobbing widow in black the very next.

It’s been four years and I can still feel that raw and painful emptiness in my chest. Especially since I know who was responsible for the tragedy: Luca Jensen. The best man.

I’ve always hated the fact that he survived and was relieved when he left town amidst all the rumors…

But now he’s back.

To explain. To see me. To try to change how I feel about him, in more ways than one.

He thinks I’m going to listen, that I’m going to let him walk back into my life as if he wasn’t the very one who tore it apart. He thinks I don’t know the whole story, and that I’ve been living a lie.

Even if that is the case, I’d much rather cope with my deceptive memories, than embrace the unspeakable truths…





Alice Montalvo-Tribue lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey. She has a bachelors degree in communications and is currently working on her masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and when the weather permits lounging out on a beach..

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alice-Montalvo-Tribue/216980565108887?ref=hl

Twitter: @Amtribue

Author Website: http://alicemontalvotribue.wordpress.com

Author GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6949931.Alice_Montalvo_Tribue

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Alice-Montalvo-Tribue/e/B00CDZMF9O/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1405206543&sr=1-2-ent

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Happy Release Day to Jessica Sorensen and her new book THE CERTAINTY OF VIOLET AND LUKE!

the certainty of violet and luke



Violet Hayes’s life is a mess. Between her stalker, Preston, refusing to leave her alone, her parents’ case still being unsolved, and falling behind in school, she always feels on the verge of losing it. When some unexpected news comes her way, it’s the final straw and she ends up doing something that almost costs her life. Thankfully, she survives and makes a promise to herself to put her life back together and to try and figure out exactly how she feels about Luke Price, the one person that’s always there for her.

But as a recovering alcoholic and gambler, Luke has his own struggles to overcome. He’s also fallen in love with Violet, but fears telling her the truth, that it will scare her away or worse, she won’t reciprocate the feeling. Plus, there never seems to be a right time to say it, either the case, Preston, or life getting in the way.

Can the two of them ever get enough peace in their lives to conquer their fears and finally tell each other the truth about how they feel?

Violet and Luke teaser_Lips



It’s like he’s fighting to breathe, his solid chest rising and falling heavily with each breath he takes. “You have to start trusting me.”
“I do trust you. Too much,” I whisper, shutting my eyes. “You could crush my heart if you wanted to.” The silence that follows is maddening.
Did I just say that out loud?
Time feels endless as I wait for what comes next. I hear him shift on the seat, feeling him scoot closer
“Violet, open your eyes.” His breath dusts my cheeks.
I swiftly shake my head, smashing my lips together. “I can’t.” But I find myself opening my eyes anyway and he’s so close, only inches away from me.
“I would never ever hurt you,” he promises, his hand gently cupping the back of my neck, fingers spreading across my skin. His touch sends a shot of tingles across my flesh and causes me to shiver as he guides me toward his lips. But I’m already leaning in, an invisible current pulling me toward him, like two magnets about to collide.
When we do crash into one another, it’s dangerously intoxicating, steals the air from my lungs, and sends my heart slamming in my chest. I’m already falling again to that place where I feel helpless yet safe. Emotions press their way to the surface, this time too strong to ignore. It hits me like lightning, an electric current surging through my body, overwhelming heat that both brings me alive and kills me at the same time.
I think it’s then that I know what I’m feeling. The thing I’ve been trying to avoid for days now, and I’m both terrified out of my mind yet alarmingly at peace.




Jessica SorensenThe New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she’s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.

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Book 1: The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden

Available from Amazon – Barnes and Noble – iTunes


Book 2: The Redemption of Callie and Kayden

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Book 3: The Destiny of Violet and Luke

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Book 4: The Probability of Violet and Luke

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Book 5: The Certainty of Violet and Luke

Available on Amazon – iTunes – B&N – Smashwords


Pre Order Buy Link for The Resolution of Callie and Kayden (book 6)

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Title: Stay (The Keaton Series)

Author: B.A. Wolfe

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance 18+

Publication Date: October 20, 2014

Cover Design: Bookfabulous Designs LP Hidalgo

Event Organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.



Fate took Cassandra down a path she never expected.

Then a small town in Colorado gave her exactly what she needed—until tragedy left her heartbroken and devastated. Alone with only her child and her memories, Cassie struggled to put her life back together, one day at a time, piece by piece. Finding love again was something she never thought possible. That was, until she ran into an unlikely stranger who flipped her entire world on its axis.

Aidan had a secret locked away in his heart; one that would surely send Cassie running the second she discovered it. He held onto her closely and kept his secret guarded, but one careless mistake could reveal all.

Their friendship was strong, their moments beautiful, and the love that brewed between them intense—something neither denied. The only problem? Cassie was slowly letting him into her life. Could she let herself get close to the one person she didn’t think she should?

Her mind tells her to run, but her heart tells her to stay.



Click the book jacket for larger image






“God, he’s gorgeous, Cass,” Mel gushed, pulling me out of my thoughts. I followed her swooning eyes and immediately found the source standing by the bar. She was right about one thing: he was definitely good looking.

His hair was dark; his jawline was sharp, complimenting his clean-shaven face. His body was hidden under a pair of dark jeans that hung on his hips and a button up shirt that was layered under a casual suit jacket. He looked professionally polished. He also had more than just mine and Mel’s eyes on him.

I bit down on my bottom lip. Something else stuck out about him. I glanced back at Mel. “He looks familiar, doesn’t he?”

She deepened her gaze on him, wrinkles forming around her eyes. “Eh, kind of. Why don’t you go talk to him?” She wiggled her brows.

“No. I’m not here to pick up guys. I already have an awesome one back at home.” My voice was playful, but my insides clenched at the thought of talking to a guy—especially that guy.

“Yes. That’s true.” She held up one finger as if she’d just discovered how they get all that caramel into the Caramilk bar. “But this guy can actually take you to dinner.” She laughed and I gave her an exaggerated eye roll. Suddenly, she sat straighter. “Looks to me like you’ve been noticed too. Someone’s hot-ass eyes are locked on your back. I think he knows you were ogling him.”

“He does?” My heart went from normal to pounding in zero point three seconds. “How?”

“For real?” She gave me the you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-meglare. “He’s been looking over here all night, but he caught you just as you turned around. I wasn’t able to hide my looky-loo eyes, sorry.” She shrugged as if to let me know she wasn’t sorry. “What if you do know him? School, maybe?”

“I don’t know. I guess it could’ve been college. He looks older, though.” The urge to see him up close was something I hadn’t experienced before. It was powerful. “Okay, I’ll go, but just because I need to know where I’ve seen him before.” I couldn’t even admit to myself that part of me wanted to talk to this attractive man just because.



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B.A. Wolfe is a girl with a passion for reading and writing, and lives in the good ol’ state of Colorado with her husband (her biggest cheerleader), and her two crazy min pin fur babies. These days, her life is anything but calm, and there isn’t one thing she’d want to change.

B.A. spends all her free time either furiously typing stories on her laptop or happily reading through her endless T BR on her Kindle. Her list of favorites would be long enough to fill a book, but most would likely fall under the romance category.

She is a sucker for a good love story that makes her cry, and an amazing book boyfriend who will melt her heart. ‘Away’ is B.A. Wolfe’s debut novel.

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F*ck and chuck. Pump and dump. Hit it and quit it. One night stand. Didn’t matter how I branded it—that’s all she had wanted it to be. That much was clear when she left me with my pants down and my dick still out.

What she hadn’t counted on was fate intervening and our worlds colliding—again.

The day I showed back up in the life of Chloe Griffins, I knew I had to have her again. My body was hungry for another taste. Like an addict, I’d been craving another hit for months, and there she was—flesh and bone, tits and ass.

The fact that she worked for the competition should’ve been reason enough for me to leave her alone. I had a job to do that summer and f*cking Chloe wasn’t part of it. But I was like a man possessed.

I’d do whatever it took to have her again.


* A review copy of each volume was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review *

Volume 1 :

~~ 5 Stars ~~

I was originally going to wait to write my review on this series until all the volumes had been released but I decided it would be easier to each one separately.

Indiscretion Volume 1 is the first installment to this new series by Elisabeth Grace.  I fell in love with Elisabeth’s writing when I read her Limelight Series and this new series is no different.  I love how she can create a story and characters that completely draw you in.  I will warn you that if you are not a fan of cliffhanger endings or novellas, then my suggestion is to wait until all the volumes have been released before you start reading this series.  This is part of a serial, which means each book is on the shorter side and they will end in cliffhangers.  With that said, I truly believe this is a series everyone should give a try.  No the storyline isn’t overly original, but it is a fun and sexy read.  Plus the characters are fun and interesting enough to keep you engaged.

“One night.  Just one night to do what feels right without having to consider all the consequences.”…Chloe

That pretty much sums up this first installment of Indiscretion.  We are introduced to Chloe and Max.  Chloe is a girl who was forced to grow way before her time, due to losing her parents at a young age and having to raise her younger sister.  So to say she is a little uptight is putting it mildly.  She is in New York for her BFF Jackie’s bachelorette party and just wants to live a little.  This is where Max comes in.  He is a stranger in the bar they are at and is someone who is gorgeous and has entrancing blue eyes.  What happens next is the beginning of a one night fling.  Little did Chloe know that only two months later she would end being face to face with Max again.  Once they meet again they agree to start a “no strings” attached romance.  We got to know each of these characters a little bit in this first installment, but I can tell there is more to their story.  It’s tough to say much about the characters because I don’t think we really know them that well yet, but what I do know I really like.

I am really interested to see where this series will go and how these two characters will continue grow.  I would definitely recommend this series, whether you wait until the end or read each installment as they are released…I truly think this is going to be a really great journey for Max and Chloe!!!!







Fraternizing with the competition? Check.

Risking everything I’d worked so hard for? Check.

Mind-shattering orgasms? Double check.

Max Richfield made me forget myself. Forget all the reasons why I’d chosen to be alone for so long. I had goals. I needed stability. He brought chaos. I’d taken years erecting my walls. And with good reason, I would soon discover.

Now my inability to see beyond Max’s charm could cost me everything.



Volume 2 :

~~ 5 Stars ~~

Holy Moly!!!  She knocked this installment out of the park.  Elisabeth Grace has done it again.

This installment takes off right where the cliffhanger ended in volume 1.  That issue is resolved fairly quickly and the story then continues on with the journey of Max and Chloe.  This one is so much more steamy then the first one.  Max was swoon-a-rific!!!  He was the right mix of Hot alpha Male and sweet tender man.  He made my panties melt multiple times in this book.

In this installment we are starting to get more of Max and Chloe’s backgrounds.  Little hints are starting to be dropped and the author has set us up for some real shockers to come in the future.  This one left me with a TON of questions and scenarios running around in my head.  I can’t wait to see where this story goes.  She also introduced us to some other characters in this one….Max’s dad, Chloe’s Boss, and Chloe’s ex.  I have to say I don’t trust any of them!!!!

This one does end on another cliffhanger and what a mother of a cliffhanger it is.  This one is a nail biter!!!  I  NEED the next book like NOW!!!  I have a feeling it is going to be a long and bumpy road for Max and Chloe in books 3 and 4.

Again, I would 100% recommend this series of novellas to everyone.  As the story unfolds the author is not only creating a very sexy and steamy story, but she is now adding in the element of mystery and suspense.  Makes you want to turn the pages even faster :)







A summer of f*ck buddies? Something to take the edge off? I was down.

But when Chloe shows up at my hotel door, wanting to rip my head off, rather than give me head—I cared. A lot. Too much, in fact.

This is turning into more. And I can’t do more.

Like the ink under my skin she’s becoming permanent. Enduring. Immovable.

Was I ready to let her go though?

Not a f*cking chance.


Volume 3 :

~~ 5 Stars ~~

WOW!!!!  What an ending.  These cliffhangers are going to be the death of me yet.  This one tore out my heart :(

As we get each installment….I have to say that they are getting better and better as the story unfolds.  This installment revolved more around getting to know Max and Chloe more.  We got to see their relationship grow, even though they are both fighting their true feelings.  Like I said this is a bumpy road for these two.  I thought the character development was great in this one, we got to see more of their insides and what they are thinking and feeling.  We learned more about Chloe, but we still don’t know a whole lot about Max.  More hints are dropped about his past and I can’t wait to find out what really happened.

This book still had the shadow of mystery to it.  More things are starting to happen, but we get no answers.  We are definitely left with a ton of questions in this book….The ending being the biggest one of all.

I have to say that I think the chemistry between Max and Chloe is off the charts…each installment seems to get HOTTER and HOTTER as they go along.  I can’t wait to see what the final chapter of this series brings.  I am just praying we get all of our questions answered and Chloe and Max get their HEA.





The image was seared into my mind. Imprinted. Emblazoned. Etched.

Did I blame him for what I saw? Or myself, for allowing him the ability to cause the pain coursing through me?

Betrayal was a weapon that cut to the core—the ‘what ifs’ the infection that festered in the wound.

I’d thought we’d had roadblocks thrown in front of us before. Damn. Those would have seemed like mere speed bumps if I’d seen what was coming…

Little did I know that what was headed our way would prove to be the biggest test of all—putting impossible choices in front of us. None of which seemed to lead to a happy ending in which the two of us were together.


Volume 4 :

~~ 5 Stars ~~

I have NO words that can properly explain how I felt about this final installment of Indiscretion by Elisabeth Grace.  I am completely BLOWN AWAY!!!  This was an amazing ending/conclusion to Max and Chloe’s story.

This installment was a emotional roller coaster!!!  My heart was all over the place while reading this book.  One minute I was happy and then the next my heart was breaking.  Max and Chloe truly go through some serious ups and  downs in this one.  But rest assured that even though your heart will be broken in this book, it will all be put back together in the end.

“If you never passed through a storm, then you’d have no appreciation for the rainbow.”….Chloe

I loved the direction that the author took with this story.  She added some serious twists that I didn’t see coming and wouldn’t have expected.  This final installment starts off right where #3 ended.  All the questions that were raised in the other three installments are answered in this one.  I have to say that we got to see a more personal side to both Chloe and Max in this one.  We got to know exactly what happened in Max’s past and why there was such a strain with his dad.

I am normally not a huge fan of serials, but this one worked well.  I thought the way it was written was wonderful.  Each installment gave you just enough to keep you coming back for more and the overall storyline was great!!!

I would 100% recommend this book/serial to everyone who is looking for a fun and sexy read that will also pull at your heartstrings.  I will forever be a fan of Elisabeth’s writing and will read anything she publishes.





Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume One 

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Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume Two 

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Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume Three

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Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume Four

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If you’re US based and you want to receive a text message when Elisabeth has a new book go LIVE, text ROMANCE to 313131!


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Title: Your Little Secret

Authors: Bethan Cooper & Kirsty-Anne Still

Release Date: Aug 15, 2014

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Amber Watson thought she knew what she wanted in life – a house that didn’t have creaky stairs and leaky taps; a home with the perfect guy and an undying love that stole her breath away.

Between her boyfriend, Connor, and her best friend, Ethan, she thought she had the perfect life and the perfect future only a heartbeat away.

That is until abandonment and need begin to overwhelm her.

When Connor takes a job in London, Amber finds herself slipping at his lack of contact and the uneasy feeling that he’s hiding more from her than he says.

With the help of Ethan she not only finds herself, but finds the flame she has always held for her best friend coming to life.

Amber never expected to fall into a love triangle, but soon finds herself in a fight between her love for Connor, and the undying love she has for Ethan.

What happens when Connor’s little secret is found out, Ethan’s secret leaves Amber abandoned once again, and Amber’s secret eats away at her?


*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*

3.5 Frustrating stars!!

Holy frustrating love triangle!!! This story should be titled Their Little Secret, not Your Little Secret. Everyone has secrets!!! And warning…if indecisive female characters annoy you, be careful with this one. I was pretty sure Amber, AKA “Ambi,” was going to make me throw my kindle!!! Frustrating, whiney, and indecisive are only a few words I have to describe her. I have a few more but am trying to be as nice as I possibly can.

“How the hell did she get into this mess? How did she allow her heart to deviate from one man’s love to another and back like love wasn’t some special, fragile gift?”

Sorry, but characters like her make me crazy. I am just the kind of person who doesn’t understand all the indecisiveness. So, after all the bitching about Amber, I can also say that I enjoyed this story, for the most part. Conner was an ass and I wanted to nut punch him the whole time, but Ethan made the story for me…even if he had his moments, also. Ethan is an amazing best friend. He is patient and caring and I cheered for him the whole time. Every twist and turn of this story made me cringe, especially thinking about her possibly ending up with Conner. And there is a LOT of the back and forth…hence the frustration!!!

“I love you so much I can see forever with you, Amber Watson.”

Although, honestly, I never could feel the connection between Conner and Amber, and I think that is what fueled my rage with Amber. I needed a tad bit more about their past. We got so much info about Ethan and Amber, but the story didn’t go into much about Conner and Amber’s past.  I kept wanting to shout at Amber, follow your damn heart!!

I wish my heart will make the right decision when the time is right.”

Although this story tested my limits on frustration, there was also a lot of humor to it, that I enjoyed J The one character in this whole story that I didn’t want to cause bodily harm to, at some point, was Lucy, Amber’s friend. LOL! She saved my sanity ;) I know it sounds like I didn’t like this story, but I truly did!! I love emotions, good or bad, and this one definitely brought out emotions.

Don’t let my crazy rantings keep you from enjoying this love triangle :)






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“Ethan,” she managed a small murmur and willed her eyes to open and look at him.

“Shh,” he answered back, working faster to reach the pinnacle of perfection. There were no disruptions; absolutely no reason to believe their relationship was now in tatters. The way she spoke his name purred him on. He could feel her getting close to giving in and if he had it his way he would steal more than just this orgasmic moment with her.

She ran her hand into his hair and gripped as the orgasm ripped through her, stealing her every breath from her, making her lose her mind completely. She knew her sanity had gone down the drain with the shower water, but there was no way she could compare this moment or replace it with another.

Especially when he came and her name left his lips in such a way it made her heart blossom beyond any measure.

Pinned against the wall, ruined entirely by an earth shattering orgasm she looked into Ethan’s eyes. His gaze was strongly set on hers, his lips parted with his bated breath and she melted into the happiest smile she had felt in what had to be a lifetime. “It really has always been you.”

Carefully, without letting her go, Ethan turned the shower off and pulled her from the small space. Standing in the opening, he wrapped her body with a towel, using it as another reason to hold her close.

Bowing her head Amber let the wet hair drop against her skin. “I don’t deserve you.”

Lifting her chin, he surprised her with a kiss and she forgot all regret that was lingering on her mind. She pushed against his torso, back against the white tiled wall behind them. Ethan groaned as the cold tile hit his back, but he let Amber assault him.



Teardrop – Massive Attack

Lips of An Angel – Hinder

Love Is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar

Fall for You – Secondhand Serenade

I Won’t Let You Go – James Morrison

Like A G6 – Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs, DEV


YLS Casting



Kirsty-Anne Still –

I used to be just another Fanfiction writer! That was until one person showed real interest in my work. And then another, and then another, until I had this whole group of people reviewing like crazy and wanting original work from me. I’d spent years writing for free online, I didn’t believe I had it in me to publish something!

But I’m glad I did!! I never imagined pushing my work and striving to reach my ultimate. I never imagined I’d be the girl who started The Viper Rooms! But who am I to deny the inspiration when it hits?

I love writing, it’s a lifeline. I love creating a world that others fall into. I love having the control to make a whole new world. It’s like a dependency, an addictive one. It’s one of the things I’m extremely proud of.

As much as I complain, I love the mini dialogues that go on in my head, the plotlines that attack me when I least expect them to. The ones that jump to life at the most inappropriate times and drive me totally crazy!

For now I split my life between writing, dreaming, working, and volunteering with children.

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Bethan Cooper –

Bethan Cooper spends her days working 8 hours at a well-known restaurant and yawning – a lot.

But her vulnerability behind the uniform is her writing, having been obsessed with writing short stories and song lyrics from her teens, she has finally put pen to paper and started a novel.

She is married to the love of her life, who she met when she was seventeen.

So writing romance is a must for her, especially lots of kissing and people surrounded by love, as it is after all, the best human emotion.

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In this sizzling conclusion to WILD

TEMPTATION, Liv and Tyler see the boundaries of their addictions pushed to new

limits as their heads battle with their hearts for an explosive fall into the

depths of love…

I gave him my body, and he gave me no

strings. It was that simple… in the beginning.

I never could have imagined my

temptation could become my addiction. If I knew for a second how entirely Tyler

Stone would consume me, I never would have handed him my body so freely.

His addiction feeds mine. My cravings

ignite his. Together we are dangerous. Destructive. Obsessive. Wild.

But now it’s too late. We’re bound by

more than our inexplicable need for the other, and the ties that hold us

together are irreversible.

He craves my body. I crave his heart.

This is addiction.

Wild Addiction is book two of the WILD

series. It is preceded by Wild Attraction, a free prequel, and Wild Temptation,

the first full-length novel.








I never knew true addiction until her. I never truly understood what it is to crave, mind, body and soul, until nothing matters but fulfilling that craving. Until the only thing that matters is easing the hollow ache inside.

It’s there whenever we’re apart. Like a dark hole, it lingers, intensifying until my mind is full of blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Until my mind is full of easy curves, bare before me. Until my desires reflect her bending at the waist, her pert little arse in the air, colored red by my palm, the outline of my fingers visible against her pale skin.

Every day it’s something new, something different, something I never allowed myself to think of. It’s more than against the wall, more than her hands bound, more than a blindfold across her eyes. Now I can think freely, imagine all the ways and all the places I can have her.

Because she trusts me.

And she’s fucking mine.

My Liv. My bitch. My beautiful, flighty bitch.

Now she’s sitting in front of me with her eyes wide and her hands covering her mouth. She’s deathly still. And quiet. So fucking quiet every second that passes cuts deeper than anything she could ever say would.

But she hasn’t moved away from me, either. She’s still sitting in my arms, her legs hooked over mine… Staring at me like it’s the last thing she ever expected me to say.

I run my eyes across her face, taking advantage of her silence just to look at her. Her hair is messy, her blue-green eyes shining, her cheeks flushed. She looks freshly fucked, and she is, but more than that, she looks shocked.

“Liv?” I prompt. “Are you going to say anything?”




In this sexy new CALL series spin-off series by New York Times bestseller Emma Hart, enter the intense world

of a no strings relationship and experience addiction like you never expected…

The moment I walked in to find Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome, and Oh So British–my mind-blowing one night stand–as my photographer for the shoot that could change it all, I knew life was throwing me a curveball.


The moment he, Tyler Stone, walked into my best friend’s apartment, I knew that curveball was heading

straight for my gut.

The hit comes in the form of a no-strings proposition… One that gives him utter control over my body.

If I surrender, that curveball is steadily en-route for a collision course with my heart.

He’s a sex addict. I’m a love addict.

This is temptation.


*Wild Temptation is book one of the Wild series and a full-length novel at approx. 92,000 words.*






By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to a terrible two year old and growing bump, due September 2013. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of juice and writes books.

She likes to write about magic, kisses and whatever else she can fit into the story. Sarcastic, witty characters are a must. As are hot guys. Emma is currently working too many books to even count – including Playing for Keeps, the companion book to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel, The Love Game. She likes to be BUSY - unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to when all the ideas come to life.




You’ve met Ben Shaw. Now meet Braydon Kincaid, the devil-may-care male model who nearly stole the show in Working It by New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan.

As one of the world’s most sought-after male models, Braydon is no stranger to the finer pleasures in life. The last thing he wants to do is limit himself, especially when it comes to women. His best friend, Ben, might’ve settled down, but Braydon doesn’t want to waste his youth on the messy complications of commitment. He wants fun. He wants easy.

Ellie isn’t looking for a casual relationship, but her tough and sassy personality instantly attracts Braydon, who proposes a “friends with benefits” arrangement. Unable to resist the powerful pull of the charming bad boy, Ellie eventually relents, though she longs for all-consuming love.

As the two spend more time together, Ellie soon realizes that Braydon’s posing skills extend off the runway. His carefully crafted façade masks a secret hurt that he’s reluctant to share with Ellie, even as they embark on a passionate affair that sends them hurtling toward a fate neither expected. Can Ellie risk her heart while she waits for Braydon to let her in, or will she be forced to demand all or nothing?


* A review copy was provided by the author/publisher via Netgalley for the Blog Tour *

~~ 5 “Panty Dropping” Stars ~~

Well….What a way to finish a series!!!  All or Nothing is the third and final book in the Love By Design series and it was a great way to end this journey.  This was another EXCELLENT book by Kendall Ryan.  Her writing never ceases to amaze me.  Her books just get better and better!!!  I Loved this book.  It had me laughing out loud on many occasions, had me blushing, and even had me fuming at certain times.  The banter between Braydon and Ellie was hysterical and I loved how all of the characters interacted with each other.  This was definitely a quick read…I finished it in less then a day, but I was so anxious to read this story that I really just couldn’t put it down.  I am truly sad to see this series end, because I know I will miss all these characters immensely.

We met Braydon and Ellie in Working It (Book 1) and then continued with them in Craving Him (Book 2) and then finally got their full story in this book.  I loved Ellie and Braydon from the very first time I met them.  Their characters were funny, witty, sweet, and charming.  And their chemistry was off the charts.  Ellie was a great heroine…not only was she an amazing BFF for Emmy, but she was an independent woman who stood up for what she wanted and wasn’t willing to take any less.  Braydon…what can I say except I would drop my panties for him.  He is the right mixture of Dominant, possessive, sweet and sexy!!!  I was glad we finally got to know about his background and why he chose to close himself off from having a meaningful relationship.  Ellie and Braydon truly were meant for each other.  My only complaint is I wish that the ending wouldn’t have been rushed.  Things happened in the last chapter and the epilogue, that I wish would’ve happened a lot sooner and then could’ve been built upon.  With me saying that…it still didn’t take away my full enjoyment of this book.

I was thrilled that we got to continue the story of Ben and Emmy as well.  They had a pretty significant part in this story and it was great to see where they ended up.  I liked how Kendall wrapped up both couples stories in the epilogue…It truly was a great finish :)

This book could be read as a stand alone, because the storyline is separate, but I would suggest reading this series in order so that you can get the full effect of Ellie and Braydon characters and relationship.  Their story truly is a journey throughout all three books.

I would 100% recommend this book and series to anyone who is a fan of Kendall Ryan and also anyone who is looking for some HOT male models and the girls who tame them.  These books won’t disappoint!!!!
















One, Two, Three… by Elodie Nowodazkij
Publication date: June 26th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult



When seventeen-year-old Natalya’s dreams of being a ballerina are killed in a car accident along with her father, she must choose: shut down—like her mother—or open up to love.

Last year, Natalya was attending the School of Performing Arts in New York City. Last year, she was well on her way to becoming a professional ballerina. Last year, her father was still alive.

But a car crash changed all that—and Natalya can’t stop blaming herself. Now, she goes to a regular high school in New Jersey; lives with her onetime prima ballerina, now alcoholic mother; and has no hope of a dance career.

At her new school, however, sexy soccer player Antonio sees a brighter future for Natalya, or at least a more pleasant present, and his patient charms eventually draw her out of her shell.

But when upsetting secrets come to light and Tonio’s own problems draw her in, Natalya shuts down again, this time turning to alcohol herself.

Can Natalya learn to trust Antonio before she loses him—and destroys herself?





* A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour *

~~ 4 “Learning to Forgive” Stars ~~

One Two Three is the debut novel for Elodie Nowodazkij and I have to say I thought it was a wonderful debut novel.   It reminded me why I am always drawn back to the high school aged YA books.  They are just easy to read and enjoy and even though I am no longer in high school, I can still relate to things that are discussed in this type book.  This book does touch on a serious issue of alcoholism.  I thought the author did a wonderful job of portraying an accurate picture of what it is like to be an alcoholic and also live with one.  I truly enjoyed the storyline in this book.  It is a story about forgiveness and learning to love oneself and also learning how to open yourself up to love.  I thought the writing and flow of the book was perfect.  It is a fairly quick read, in that I read it in less then one day, but that is because it kept me interested and I didn’t want to put it down.  She even found a way to put a plot twist in the story that I didn’t see coming.  I will definitely be reading more books by this author.

This book is primarily about Natalya and Antonio (Tonio).  Natalya has dreamed of being a professional Ballerina all her life and has worked very hard to try and achieve this dream.  That is until on tragic accident takes that away and also leaves her fatherless and with a mother who is an alcoholic.  Even after the accident Natalya is determined to get her leg and knee back to the way it was before the accident and still become the dance she wants to be.  During all this time she has learned how to shut people out and focus on her goal, and after her dad dies, she shuts people out even more for the fear that they will eventually leave her too.  After the accident Natalya and her mom move back in to her grandma’s house and to a small town that she used to visit over the summers.  This is where she meets Tonio.  He is also a kid who has a goal and that is to get a scholarship and go onto college and get out of the small town.  I loved the speed in which the author took these two characters.  Usually in a high school related book the Hero and heroine get together fairly quickly, in this book that is not the case.  She had them actually form a friendship first and then progress at a normal and more natural rate.  I really liked both Natalya and Tonio, but there is a part in this book I really wanted to smack Natalya upside the head….she just makes a bunch of stupid mistakes…thankfully Tonio and her friends Becca and James are there to help her through it.

I have to say that in this book the secondary characters were almost as important as the main characters.  I liked them all equally.  Becca and James were fabulous friends and everyone wishes they had friends like these two back in high school.  I also really liked Becca’s parents.  They played such a pivotal role in this book for both Natalya and her mom.

If you are a fan of the high school aged YA love stories then this is definitely one you should read.  My only negative of the book is how it ended.  There isn’t a cliffhanger or anything (it’s a completed story) but it just kind of ended.  It was rather abrupt.  I would’ve liked just a little more to really close out Natalya’s story with her Mom, Yuri, and Tonio.


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Elodie Nowodazkij was raised in a tiny village in France, where she could always be found a book in hand. At nineteen, she moved to the US, where she learned she’d never lose her French accent. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Modern Language & Linguistics, and later earned master’s degrees in German Cultural Studies and European Studies. Unbeknownst to her professors, she sometimes drafted stories in class. Now she lives in Germany with her husband and their cat (who doesn’t seem to realize he’s not human), and uses her commuting time to write the stories swirling in her head. She’s also a serial smiley user.

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All she needed was a job…

The last thing twenty-four year old grad student Angie Roberts needs is to worry about her new boss’s father. After all, she’s never even seen him. He remains sequestered upstairs in a house that looks like it should be the main feature in an episode of Hoarders. She had no idea the house was such a dump when she took the job. But she’s concerned about the safety and health of the old man living under such horrid conditions.

What she got was a mystery…

Despite warnings not to venture upstairs, she wanders up to the second floor. What she sees is shocking. The man she finds is a gorgeous, sexy, middle-aged man– and he’s stepping out of the shower. But something is definitely not right. Why would this wealthy, handsome man live in a house in such disrepair while his nine-teen year old son resides in a lavish penthouse? Why does he hide away from society? Why does he come to her rescue and then run away?

What she discovered was heartbreaking…

Angie learns that forty-four year old Grayson Whitmore suffers from schizophrenia. Paranoid, he retreats into his own world.

What she ended up with was a treasure…

Angie is determined to get through to him. They form a friendship that blazes into an inconceivable love fired with erotic passion. Angie must now come to Grayson’s rescue because the wicked that has been perpetrated on him is unconscionable. First, though, she must gain the trust of a man whose mind does not allow for such a thing.






Lisa Eugene began writing as a way to mentally escape from the hectic medical world where she has been a practicing nurse for over twenty years. After publishing her first novel, STRICTLY BUSINESS, she quickly learned that readers couldn’t get enough of the world she created and now she lives out her wildest fantasies by writing steamy romantic suspense for her fan-favorite Washington Memorial Hospital series.

When she’s not plotting her next dangerous, fast-paced, sexy adventure, you can find her juggling a full time job, playing soccer mom, or curled up reading a good romance.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/lisaeugene43

Website: http://lisaeugenebooks.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lisaeugene43

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We’re so excited to reveal the cover for READY OR NOT by J.L. Berg, which releases December 2nd!

READY OR NOT is the fourth book in the bestselling Ready series and we can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it. In the mean time, how great is this cover?

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Born into wealth and privilege, free-spirited Liv Quinn left it all behind when she realized there was more to life than living off of trust funds and barely skating by. Since then, she’s worked and fought for everything she’s earned and never looked back at the world or the family she left behind.

Jackson Reid is starting over with a new job in a brand new city. A single father to his son Noah, he hopes the change will help strengthen the bond that has seemed to suffer since puberty reared its ugly head. What he hadn’t planned on was Liv—his exotic next-door neighbor who drives him insane with her wild, new age lifestyle, but still manages to leave him aching for more.

As challenges arise and feelings intensify, will these neighbors be able to look past their differences and find a middle ground? When love comes knocking, will they be ready, or not?

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J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready Series. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she’s not writing, you will find her with her nose stuck in a romance novel, in a yoga studio or devouring anything chocolate. J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.

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